Orderic Vitalis: Life, Works and Interpretations

Orderic Vitalis: Life, Works and Interpretations

Edited by Charles C. Rozier, Daniel Roach, Giles E.M. Gasper Elisabeth van Houts


Boydell Press



First full-length collection on one of the most significant and influential historians of the medieval period.
The Gesta Normannorum ducum and Historia ecclesiastica of Orderic Vitalis are widely regarded as landmarks in the development of European historical writing and, as such, are essential sources of medieval history for students and scholars alike. The essays here consider Orderic's life and works, presenting new research on existing topics within Orderic studies and opening up new directions for future analysis and debate. They offer fresh interpretations from across the disciplines of medieval manuscript studies, English-language studies, archaeology, theology, and cultural memory studies; they also revisit established readings.

Charles C. Rozier gained his PhD from the University of Durham; Daniel Roach gained his PhD from the University of Exeter; Giles E.M. Gasper is Senior Lecturer in History, University of Durham; Elizabeth van Houts is Honorary Professor of Medieval European History, University of Cambridge.

Contributors: William M. Aird, Emily Albu, James G. Clark, Vincent Debiais, Mark Faulkner, Giles E. M. Gasper, Véronique Gazeau, Estelle Ingrand-Varenne, Elisabeth Mégier, Thomas O'Donnell, Benjamin Pohl, Daniel Roach, Thomas Roche, Charles C. Rozier, Sigbjørn Olsen Sønnesyn, Kathleen Thompson, Elisabeth van Houts, Anne-Sophie Vigot,Jenny Weston


10 black and white illustrations
430 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Paperback, 9781783274024, April 2019
Hardback, 9781783271252, October 2016
eBook, 9781782048404, October 2016
Boydell Press
BIC HBLC1, 1D, 2AB, 3H
BISAC HIS037010, LIT011000, REL086000
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Interpreting Orderic Vitalis - Charlie Rozier and Daniel Roach
Orderic and His Father Odelerius - Elisabeth M C van Houts
Following the Master's Lead: The Script of Orderic Vitalis & the Discovery of a New Manuscript (Rouen, BM, 540) - Jenny Weston
Orderic as Librarian and Cantor of Saint-Évroul - Charlie Rozier
Orderic and English - Mark Faulkner
Saint-Évroul and Southern Italy in Orderic's Historia ecclesiastica - Daniel Roach
Reading Orderic Vitalis with Charters in Mind - Thomas Roche
Inscriptions in Orderic's Historia ecclesiastica: a Writing Technique Between History and Poetry - Vincent Debias and Estelle Ingrand-Varenne
Orderic Vitalis and the Cult of Saints - Véronique Gazeau
Orderic's Secular Rulers and Representations of Personality and Power in the Historia ecclesiastica - William M. Aird
Worldly Woe and Heavenly Joy: The Tone of the Historia ecclesiastica - Emily Albu
Jesus Christ, a Protagonist of Anglo-Norman History? History and Theology in Orderic Vitalis' Historia ecclesiastica - Elisabeth Megier
Orderic Vitalis, Historical Writing and a Theology of Reckoning - Giles E.M. Gasper
Studiosi abdita investigant: Orderic Vitalis and The Mystical Morals of History - Sigbjorn Olsen Sonnesyn
Meanders, Loops, and Dead Ends: Literary Form and the Common Life in Orderic's Historia ecclesiastica - Thomas O'Donnell
Orderic and the Tironensians - Kathleen Thompson
'One single letter remained in excess of all his sins.' Orderic Vitalis and Cultural Memory - Benjamin Pohl
The Reception of Orderic Vitalis in the Later Middle Ages - James G. Clark
New Archaeological Investigations at the Abbey of Saint-Évroul-nôtre-Dame-des-bois - Anne-Sophie Vigot
Appendix: Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts Featuring the Hand of Orderic Vitalis - Jenny Weston and Charlie Rozier
Index of Manuscripts Cited


Will be required reading for all interested in the Anglo-Norman world and in its historical writing. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

[T]his volume offers new perspectives suggesting that a more interdisciplinary approach to medieval historical texts is worthwhile, and it will surely benefit any student or scholar of the period. COMITATUS

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