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The Agincourt Campaign of 1415

by Michael P. Warner

First full investigation into the men of Agincourt - their service, backgrounds, lives and experiences.

Chivalry and the Medieval Past

Edited by Katie Stevenson and Barbara Gribling

An examination of the ways in which the fluid concept of "chivalry" has been used and appropriated after the Middle Ages.

Contesting Orthodoxies in the History of Christianity

Edited by Ellie Gebarowski-Shafer, Ashley Null and Alec Ryrie

Examines the pursuit of orthodoxy, and its consequences for the history of Christianity.

Cross and Culture in Anglo-Norman England

by John Munns

An examination of the passion and crucifixion of Christ as depicted in the visual and religious culture of Anglo-Norman England.

The Cult of St Thomas Becket in the Plantagenet World, c.1170-c.1220

Edited by Marie-Pierre Gelin and Paul Webster

The extraordinary growth and development of the cult of St Thomas Becket is investigated here, with a particular focus on its material culture.

Debating English Music in the Long Nineteenth Century

by John Ling

Situates the controversial narrative of 'The English Musical Renaissance' within its wider historical context.

Gaimar's Estoire des Engleis: Kingship and Power

by Gemma Wheeler

An important text from the "twelfth-century Renaissance" of history writing re-evaluated, drawing out its complex representations of monarchs from Cnut to William Rufus.

Henry of Lancaster's Expedition to Aquitaine, 1345-1346

by Nicholas A. Gribit

First full-length study of the campaigns led by Henry of Lancaster in Aquitaine, including a detailed biographical study of the individuals involved.

Labour & Christianity in the Mission

by Michelle Liebst

Important and broadening study of the way Africans engaged with missions, not as beneficiaries of humanitarian philanthropy, but as workers.

Music, Dance and Franco-Italian Cultural Exchange, c.1700

by Don Fader

Exposes the roots of 18th-century musical cosmopolitanism through an investigation of exchanges and collaborations between musicians and dancers from the two major national musical traditions in the early years of the century.

Musics Lost and Found

by Michael Church

This ground-breaking book is the first in-depth global study of the role played in musical history by song collectors.

Old Age in Early Medieval England

by Thijs Porck

First full-length study of the notion and concept of old age in early medieval England.

Priests and their Books in Late Anglo-Saxon England

by Gerald P. Dyson

Fresh perspectives on the English clergy, their books, and the wider Anglo-Saxon church.

Transformative Waters in Late-Medieval Literature

by Hetta Elizabeth Howes

A consideration of the metaphor of water in religious literature, especially in relation to women.

Women & Peacebuilding in Africa

Edited by Ladan Affi, Liv Tønnessen and Aili Mari Tripp

A key book for conflict and peace studies, reveals the gendered nature of peacebuilding, its consequences, and the importance of women playing a part in peace processes in Africa.

Youth and Popular Culture in Africa

Edited by Paul Ugor

Explores the range of vibrant cultural production and political activism of youth in Africa today, as expressed through art, music, theater, and online media.