North-East England in the Later Middle Ages

October 2005
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Regions and Regionalism in History
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North-East England in the Later Middle Ages

Edited by Christian D. Liddy, Richard H. Britnell

The medieval development of the distinct region of north-east England explored through close examination of landscape, religion and history.
The recent surge of interest in the political, ecclesiastical, social and economic history of north-eastern England is reflected in the essays in this volume. The topics covered range widely, including the development of both rural and urban life and institutions. There are contributions on the well-known richness of Durham cathedral muniments, its priory and bishopric, and there is also a particular focus on the institutions and practices which evolved to deal with Scottish border problems. A number of papers broach lesser-known subjects which accordingly offer new territory for exploration, among them the distinctive characteristics of local jurisdiction in the northern counties, the formation of north-eastern landscapes, the course of agrarian development in the region and the emergence of a northern gentry class alongside the better known ecclesiastical and lay magnates.
CHRISTIAN D. LIDDY is Lecturer in History at the University of Durham, where R.H. BRITNELL is Emeritus Professor.

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Table of Contents

Introduction - Anthony J Pollard
St Cuthbert and the Border, c.1080-1300 - Richard A. Lomas
John Hardyng, Northumbrian Identity and the Scots - Alistair J MacDonald
Remembering the Legal Past: Anglo-Scottish Border Law and Practice in the Later Middle Ages - Cynthia J Neville
Scaling the Ladder: The Rise and Rise of the Grays of Heaton, c.1296-c.1415 - Andy King
Land, Legend and Gentility in the Palatinate of Durham: The Pollards of Pollard Hall - Christian D Liddy
Local Law Courts in Late Medieval Durham - P. L. Larson
The Free Court of the Priors of Durham - C M Fraser
Church Discipline in Late Medieval Durham City: The Prior as Archdeacon - Margaret M Harvey
Economy and Society in North-Eastern Market Towns: Darlington and Northallerton in the Later Middle Ages - C. M. Newman
Newcastle Trade and Durham Priory, 1460-1520 - Miranda Threlfall-Holmes
The Size and Shape of Durham's Monastic Community, 1274-1539 - Alan J Piper
Peasants, Landlords and Production between the Tyne and the Tees, 1349-1450 -
Wastes, the Margins and the Abandonment of Land: The Bishop of Durham's Estate, 1350-1480 - Simon J. Harris
Framing Medieval Landscapes: Region and Place in County Durham [with Helen Dunsford and Simon J. Harris] - Brian K. Roberts
Framing Medieval Landscapes: Region and Place in County Durham [with Brian Roberts and Simon J. Harris] - Helen Dunsford
Framing Medieval Landscapes: Region and Place in County Durham - Simon J. Harris


This stimulating collection has much to interest the urban historian, and is a valuable study of a region in its contexts. URBAN HISTORY
This admirable collection of essays covers a surprising amount of ground. NORTHERN HISTORY
A well-produced volume. LANDSCAPE HISTORY

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