North-East England, 1569-1625

North-East England, 1569-1625

Governance, Culture and Identity

Diana Newton


Boydell Press



This study of England's north-eastern parts examines counties Durham and Northumberland as well as Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with its central theme the extent to which the county gentry and urban elites possessed a sense of regional identity. It concentrates on these elites' social, political, religious and cultural connections which extended beyond the purely administrative jurisdictions of the county or town. By concentrating on a series of seismic changes in the area - the demise of its great regional magnates, the rapid upsurge of the coal industry and the union of the crowns - it offers a distinctive chronological coverage, from the latter half of the sixteenth century through to the early seventeenth century. Old stereotypes of the north-eastern landed elites as isolated and backward are overturned while their response to state formation reveals their political sophistication. Traditional views of the religious conservatism of the north-eastern parts are reassessed to demonstrate its multi-faceted complexion. And contrasting cultural patterns are analysed, through ballad literature, the cult of St Cuthbert and increasing exposure to metropolitan "civility", to reveal a series of sub-regions within the north-eastern reaches of the kingdom.

Dr DIANA NEWTON is Lecturer in History at the University of Teesside.


August 2006
224 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Regions and Regionalism in History
ISBN: 9781843832546
Format: Hardback
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Table of Contents

Introduction: questions of regional identity - Diana R Newton
Elites of and in the north-east of England - Diana R Newton
The governance and governors of north-eastern England - Diana R Newton
North-east elites and the crisis of boarder government - Diana R Newton
Civil society in north-eastern England - Diana R Newton
Religious identities - Diana R Newton
Cultural identities - Diana R Newton
Conclusions: regional identity and the elites of north-eastern England - Diana R Newton
Appendix: Elites of and in the north-eastern counties of England - Diana R Newton


(A) thoroughly researched volume. CHRONIQUE
Comprehensive and highly detailed. (...) There is much to recommend this book, providing as it does a wealth of evidence and much scholarly debate. (...) It will be indispensable not only to those specialising in this area of northern history but to a wide cross-section of historians working within the period concerned. NORTHERN HISTORY
(An) important book (and) a significant contribution to the history of English regionalism. THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY JOURNAL

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