Nicomedes Santa Cruz: Ecos de Africa en Perú

Nicomedes Santa Cruz: Ecos de Africa en Perú

Martha Ojeda


Tamesis Books



A study of the life and work of the major poet in the Afro-Peruvian tradition.
Nicomedes Santa Cruz (1925-1992) is the most significant writer in the field of Afro-Peruvian literature. This is the first book to study his entire poetical output in the socio-historical and political context of Peruvian culture in general and Afro-Peruvian culture in particular. It comprises four chapters analysing his work of compiling and writing of décimas, his collections of markedly political poems in the 60s and 70s and his revalidation of the African contribution. The book concludes by analysing satire, humour and irony, the principal literary techniques used in his poetry. This study shows that Nicomedes Santa Cruz had a leading role in the salvaging and restoration of the African legacy in Peru; he questioned the concept of 'Peruvian-ness' officially offered as it excluded the impact of this African legacy on Peruvian culture. This book will be a manual for those who study Afro-Peruvian literature and culture and a starting-point for a general appreciation of the creative work of this Peruvian poet.

MARTHA OJEDA lectures in French and Spanish at Transylvania University where, in 2002, she received the Bingham Award for Excellence in Teaching. She obtained her doctorate from the University of Kentucky in 1998.


July 2003
144 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Monografias A
ISBN: 9781855660854
Format: Hardback
Tamesis Books
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Nicomedes Santa Cruz. resucita en sus 'décimas' el prestigio que este arte versificador tuvo en el lejano pasado, dándole vida nueva a través de la intervención política y en muchas ocasiones con un acertado humor crítico y neficaz de la ironía. Características todas que Martha Ojeda examina y pone de relieve agudamente, enriqueciendo sus argumentaciones con una abundante serie de citas de textos poéticos, que permiten apreciar directamente la originalidad del autor. IBEROAMERICANA

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