Nexus 4

July 2018
21 black and white illustrations
210 pages
9x6 in
Nexus: Essays in German Jewish Studies
ISBN: 9781571132949
Format: Hardback
Camden House
BISAC LIT004170, LIT004210, HIS014000

Nexus 4

Essays in German Jewish Studies

Edited by William Collins Donahue, Martha B. Helfer

Features a special section on the Hungarian German Jewish writer and theater director George Tabori and a Forum section on the 2016 film A German Life.

Nexus is the official publication of the biennial German Jewish Studies Workshop, which was inaugurated at Duke University in 2009 and is now held at the University of Notre Dame. Together, Nexus and the Workshop constitute the first ongoing forum in North America for German Jewish studies. Nexus publishes innovative research in German Jewish Studies, introducing new directions, analyzing the development and definition of the field, and considering its place vis-à-vis both German Studies and Jewish Studies. Additionally, it examines issues of pedagogy and programming at the undergraduate, graduate, and community levels.
Nexus 4 features a special section on the Hungarian German Jewish writer and theater director George Tabori; edited by Martin Kagel, this section includes both new documentary material and a number of trenchant scholarly articles. Additionally, the volume includes a Forum section (edited by Brad Prager) on the 2016 documentary film A German Life, an exploration of Kafka and childhood (Ritchie Robertson), and a provocative reassessment of Schindler's List (Eva Revesz).

Contributors: Tobias Boes, Antje Diedrich, Norbert Otto Eke, Martin Kagel, Jennifer M. Kapczynski, Brad Prager, Eva Revesz, Ritchie Robertson, Robert Skloot, Kerstin Steitz, Donna Stonecipher, Lena Tabori, Stanley Walden, Valerie Weinstein.

William Collins Donahue is the John J. Cavanaugh Professor of the Humanities at the University of Notre Dame, where he chairs the Department of German and Russian. Martha B. Helfer is Professor of German and an affiliate member of the Department of Jewish Studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Special section editor Martin Kagel is A. G. Steer Professor of German at the University of Georgia.

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Table of Contents

Introduction - William Collins Donahue and Martha B. Helfer
Kafka, Childhood, and History - Ritchie Robertson
The Black, White, and Gray Zones of Schindler's List: Steven Spielberg with Primo Levi - Eva Revesz
Perspectives on A German Life - Brad Prager
No False Remorse: A Workshop with Florian Weigensamer, Director of A German Life (2016)
Only Skin Deep - Tobias Boes
A Brunhilde for Our Time: Eliding the Questions in A German Life - William Collins Donahue
Hitler's Helpmates - Jennifer M. Kapczynski
Zooming in on Moral Guilt: A German Life as an Artistic Public Trial - Kerstin Steitz
Framing the Beldame in A German Life and Blind Spot - Valerie Weinstein
Introduction - Martin Kagel
Waiting for The Cannibals: George Tabori's Post-Holocaust Play - William Collins Donahue
"Sacrifice is the test for loyalty, Goldberg." Sacrifice and the Passion of Christ in George Tabori's Comedy The Goldberg-Variations - Norbert Otto Eke
"Empathy for the Entire Spectrum of Selves and Others": George Tabori's Humanism - Antje Diedrich
A Triple Act of Translation: George Tabori and Brecht on Brecht - Donna Stonecipher
My War Story: Tabori, Brecht, and Vietnam - Robert Skloot
My Life with George - Lena Tabori
Some Observations by an American Acting in the German Theater (1984) - Stanley Walden

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