New Medieval Literatures 18

February 2018
3 black and white illustrations
250 pages
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New Medieval Literatures

New Medieval Literatures 18

Edited by Laura Ashe, Philip Knox, David Lawton Wendy Scase

"An invigorating annual for those who are interested in medieval textual cultures and open to ways in which diverse post-modern methodologies may be applied to them." Alcuin Blamires, Review of English Studies
New Medieval Literatures is an annual of work on medieval textual cultures, aiming to engage with intellectual and cultural pluralism in the Middle Ages and now. Its scope is inclusive of work across the theoretical, archival, philological, and historicist methodologies associated with medieval literary studies, and embraces both the British Isles and Europe.
Essays in this volume engage with real and metaphorical relations between humans and nonhumans, with particular focus on spiders, hawks, and demons; discuss some of the earliest Middle English musical and, it is argued, liturgical compositions; describe the generic flexibility and literariness of medical discourse; consider strategies of affective and practical devotion, and their roles in building a community; and offer an example of the creativity of fifteenth-century vernacular religious literature. Texts discussed include the Old English riddles and Alfredian translations of the psalms; the lives of saints Dunstan, Godric, and Juliana, in Latin and English; Piers Plowman, in fascinating juxtaposition with Hugh of Fouilloy's Aviarium; medical remedy books and uroscopies, many from unedited manuscripts; and the fifteenth-century English Life of Job.

LAURA ASHE is Professor of English at the University of Oxford and Fellow and Tutor at Worcester College, Oxford; PHILIP KNOX is University Lecturer in English and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; WENDY SCASE is Geoffrey Shepherd Professor of Medieval English Literature at the University of Birmingham; DAVID LAWTON is Professor of English at Washington University in St Louis.

Contributors: Jenny C. Bledsoe, Heather Blurton, Hannah Bower, Megan Cavell, Cathy Hume, Hilary Powell, Isabella Wheater

For free access to Hilary Powell's article, 'Demonic Daydreams: Mind-Wandering and Mental Imagery in the Medieval Hagiography of St Dunstan', click here.

Table of Contents

Arachnopobia and Early English Literature - Megan Cavell
Demonic Daydreams: Mind-Wandering and Mental Imagery in the Medieval Hagiography of St Dunstan - Hilary Powell
The Songs of Godric of Finchale: Vernacular Liturgy and Literary History - Heather Blurton
Sympathy for the Demon: Affective Instruction in the Katherine Group - Jenny C. Bledsoe
Peynte it with Aves: Langland's Hawks, covetise, and Hugh of Fouilloy's Aviarium - Isabella Wheater
Similes We Cure By: The Poetics of Late Medieval Medical Texts - Hannah Bower
The Life of Job: Bible Translation, Poem or Play? - Cathy Hume

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