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James Davidson’s East Devon Church Notes

Edited by Jill Cobley

Sheds light on the history of East Devon's churches from the Middle Ages onwards, illustrating the ways in which parish churches were transformed in the late nineteenth century.

Berlioz in Time

by Peter Bloom

Fourteen revealing essays by a prominent Berlioz authority on some of the composer's acclaimed compositions (the Symphonie fantastique, Les Nuits d'été, Les Troyens) and writings (the celebrated Mémoires).

Beyond Fingal's Cave

by James Porter

Demonstrates the profound impact of The Poems of Ossian on composers of the Romantic Era and later: Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Massenet, and many others.

Coming Out

by Kyle Frackman

Examines the creation, context, and significance of the first and only East German feature film about homosexuality.

The Cat Has Nine Lives

by Hester Baer

Restores the first German feminist film, long neglected, to its rightful status as a classic forebear of more recent cinefeminism, demonstrating that the film is as relevant today as it was upon its 1968 release.