Paperback titles released this October to December

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African Women in the Atlantic World

Edited by Mariana P. Candido and Adam Jones

An innovative and valuable resource for understanding women's roles in changing societies, this book brings together the history of Africa, the Atlantic and gender before the 20th century. It explores trade, slavery and migrationin the context of the Euro-African encounter.

James Currey

The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 45

Edited by Markus Wessendorf

Guest editor Günther Heeg, Vera Stegmann and Micha Braun

Volume 45 is focused on the theme "Brecht Among Strangers," with articles on a range of artists who engage(d) with Brecht from perspectives involving being a stranger, strangeness, or being estranged.

Camden House

The Consistory and Social Discipline in Calvin's Geneva

by Jeffrey R. Watt

Examines the most successful institution of social discipline in Reformation Europe: the Consistory of Geneva during the time of John Calvin

University of Rochester Press

Hawks and Doves in Sudan's Armed Conflict

by Suad M.E. Musa

Analyses the involvement of the agro-pastoral al-Hakkamat Baggara women of Darfur in Sudan's recent civil wars and the implications of this for conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

James Currey

King John and Religion

by Paul Webster

A study of the personal religion of King John, presenting a more complex picture of his actions and attitude.

Boydell Press

The Red Vienna Sourcebook

Edited by Rob McFarland, Georg Spitaler and Ingo Zechner

An encyclopedic selection of original documents from the Austrian capital's pathbreaking, progressive interwar period, translated and with contextualizing introductions and commentaries.

Camden House