Paperback titles released this January to March

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An Architecture of Education

by Angel David Nieves

Examines material culture and the act of institution creation, especially through architecture and landscape, to recount a deeper history of the lives of African American women in the post-Civil War South.

University of Rochester Press

Brahms and His Poets

by Natasha Loges

Covering Brahms's 32 song opuses published during four decades of song-writing, this book offers a way of understanding what Brahms believed to be the right poetic basis for his immortal music.

Boydell Press

The Chivalric Biography of Boucicaut, Jean II le Meingre

Translated by Craig Taylor and Jane H M Taylor

First English translation of the chivalric biography of one of France's leading figures of the middle ages.

Boydell Press

A Companion to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Edited by Ernest N. Emenyonu

A critical examination of the engaging voice and multiple stories of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on war, feminism, art, ideology, hair, complex human identities and the challenges of multicultural existence.

James Currey

The Critics and Hemingway, 1924-2014

by Laurence W. Mazzeno

Traces Hemingway's critical fortunes over the ninety years of his prominence, telling us something about what we value in literature and why scholarly reputations rise and fall.

Camden House

The Growth of Royal Government under Henry III

Edited by David Crook and Louise J. Wilkinson

A survey of the complexity and sophistication of English royal government in the thirteenth century, a period of radical change.

Boydell Press

Law, Liberty and the Constitution

by Harry Potter

A new approach to the telling of legal history, devoid of jargon and replete with good stories, which will be of interest to anyone wishing to know more about the common law - the spinal cord of the English body politic.

Boydell Press

Listen with the Ear of the Heart

by Maria S. Guarino

A "contemplative" ethnographic study of a Benedictine monastery in Vermont known for its folk-inspired music.

University of Rochester Press

London Zoo and the Victorians, 1828-1859

by Takashi Ito

London Zoo examined in its nineteenth-century context, looking at its effect on cultural and social life.

Royal Historical Society

The Long Shadow of the Past

by Katya Krylova

Examines key contemporary Austrian literary texts, films, and memorials that treat Nazism and the Holocaust for what they reveal about the country's contemporary politics of memory.

Camden House

The Political Economy of Everyday Life in Africa

Edited by Wale Adebanwi

Multi-disciplinary examination of the role of ordinary African people as agents in the generation and distribution of well-being in modern Africa.

James Currey

The Roman de Troie by Benoît de Sainte-Maure

Translated by Glyn S. Burgess and Douglas Kelly

First English translation of an important twelfth-century romance, giving an account of the Trojan war and its consequences.


The Royal Touch in Early Modern England

by Stephen Brogan

First modern analysis of the custom of the "royal touch" in the Tudor and Stuart reigns.

Royal Historical Society

Verse and Voice in Byrd's Song Collections of 1588

by Jeremy L. Smith

First full monograph to focus entirely on the English-language songs set to music by Byrd.

Boydell Press

Writing the Revolution

by Ingo Cornils

An extensive look at historical, literary, and media representations of '68 in Germany, challenging the way it has been instrumentalized.

Camden House