Paperback titles released this October to December

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The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 44

Edited by Markus Wessendorf

Annual volume, this time featuring special sections on Brecht's dramatic fragments and on comedy in post-Brechtian theater, along with a variety of other contributions.

Camden House

Chaucer's Decameron and the Origin of the Canterbury Tales

by Frederick M. Biggs

A major and original contribution to the debate as to Chaucer's use and knowledge of Boccaccio, finding a new source for the "Shipman's Tale".


A Companion to the Early Printed Book in Britain, 1476-1558

Edited by Vincent Gillespie and Susan Powell

First full-scale guide to the origins and development of the early printed book, and the issues associated with it.


Displaced Heritage

Edited by Ian Convery, Gerard Corsane and Peter Davis

Considerations of the effect of trauma on heritage sites.

Boydell Press

Doctrina pueril

by Ramon Llull

Translated by John Dagenais

An unforgettable introduction to the medieval world and its culture for the modern reader.

Published in association with Editorial Barcino.


The Lawn Road Flats

by David Burke

The story of a modernist building with a significant place in the history of Soviet espionage in Britain, where communist spies rubbed shoulders with British artists, sculptors and writers

Boydell Press

Medieval Cantors and their Craft

Edited by Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis, A. B. Kraebel and Margot E. Fassler

First full-length study of the role and duties of the medieval cantor.

York Medieval Press

Money and Markets

Edited by Julian Hoppit, Duncan Needham and Adrian Leonard

This book explores the changing boundaries and relationships between market and state from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.

Boydell Press

Music in Vienna

by David Wyn Jones

The image of Vienna as a musical city is a familiar one. This book explores the history of music in Vienna, focussing on three different epochs, 1700, 1800 and 1900.

Boydell Press

Richard Woods (1715-1793)

by Fiona Cowell

First full biography of Richard Woods, the landscape designer, examining his work and restoring him to the attention he merits.

Boydell Press


by Chege Githiora

Of interest to linguists, artists, ma-youth, scholars of urban studies, educationalists, policy makers and language planners who are grappling with the challenges of multilingualism and language of education in Kenya.

James Currey

Sir Francis Henry Drake (1723-1794)

Edited by Charity Scott-Stokes and Alan Lumb

Letters offering a rich insight into eighteenth-century life both in Devon and in London

Devon and Cornwall Record Society

Warrior Churchmen of Medieval England, 1000-1250

by Craig Nakashian

An examination of the actions of clerics in warfare in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, looking at the difference between their actions and prescriptions for behaviour.

Boydell Press

Women and the Land, 1500-1900

Edited by Amanda L. Capern, Briony McDonagh and Jennifer Aston

Women and the Land examines English women's legal rights to land and the reality and consequences of their land ownership over four centuries.

Boydell Press