Paperback titles released this July to September

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by Lutz Koepnick

Revisits Herzog's classic film from a decisively contemporary standpoint, bringing into play the development of his filmmaking career.

Camden House

Forgotten Dreams

by Laurie Johnson

Offers not only an analytical study of the films of Herzog, perhaps the most famous living German filmmaker, but also a new reading of Romanticism's impact beyond the nineteenth century and in the present.

Camden House

The Friaries of Medieval London

by Nick Holder

A lavishly illustrated account of the buildings of the friars in the Middle Ages, bringing them vividly to life.

Boydell Press

Joanna, George and Henry

by Sue Bradbury

Biography of three artists closely associated with the Pre-Raphaelites whose letters give a vivid insight into the dramas of their personal life.

Boydell Press


by Brad Prager

Offers not only a close reading but also a film-historical contextualization of Phoenix, constituting the most significant and thorough study of Petzold's film to date.

Camden House

Wings of Desire

by Christian Rogowski

A guide through the many aspects of Wenders's groundbreaking film, employing archival research to bring out new insights into its making and its meanings.

Camden House