Welcome to our virtual booth for this year’s Naval Dockyards Society conference!

We are pleased to offer


on all new and recent titles in maritime history. Highlights include:

Colin Helling’s new study on the navy and the Anglo-Scottish Union in seventeenth-century Britain
Sarah Craze’s riveting new book on one of the most shocking pirate attacks in the nineteenth century
John D. Grainger’s comprehensive overview of the activities of the British Navy in the Indian and Pacific Oceans

Enjoy our selection below and browse our website for more! Order online and use promo code BB055 at checkout. Many of our titles are also available in ebook format at ebooks.com. Offer expires 30 June 2022.

Peter Sowden, our commissioning editor, looks forward to discussing new proposals from prospective authors. If you would like to meet with Peter, please write to him at [email protected].

Book proposal guidelines and more information about our series can be found here.

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