Nature and Salvation in Piers Plowman

September 1988
136 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Piers Plowman Studies
ISBN: 9780859912716
Format: Hardback

Nature and Salvation in Piers Plowman

Hugh White

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The idea of the natural recurs throughout Piers Plowman. This book seeks to show that the idea holds a central place in Langland's understanding of the way in which man is saved. This understanding develops over the course of the poem under the kynde wit and kynde knowing, his presentation of Kynde as God, and his understanding of what is involved in being kynde. It shows how, for all the difficulties he finds with it, Langland remains faithful to the idea of the naturaland how that idea repays this faith, enabling profound meditation on the roles of man and God in respect of man's salvation and, more broadly, on the relationship between God and man.


Close reading of individual words and phrases elucidate[s] Langland's understanding of the concept of `Kynde' in the poem... shows how even minute scrutiny of the detail of the poem can broaden out into a consideration of general and important themes. Valuable and thoughtful contribution. MEDIUM AEVUM [Charlotte Brewer]

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