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Irish Historical Monographs

Law, Peace, and Justice in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Durham IMEMS Press)

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The History of Parliament: The House of Commons 1640-1660 [9 Volume Set]

The most comprehensive and complete study ever compiled about the turbulent period of the English and British Civil Wars and their aftermath.

The work of more than thirty years and multiple authors, this nine volume set with more than 8,000 pages is the most comprehensive collection of information and analysis ever compiled of the politics of perhaps the most critical and dramatic period of English and British history.

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Describing Women’s Clothing in Eighteenth-Century England

Rethinking the Renaissance and Reformation in Scotland

Onomantic Divination in Late Medieval Britain

The Collected Works of Thomas Kyd

The Church and Northern English Society in the Fourteenth Century

The Channel Islands in Anglo-French Relations, 1689-1918

Localizing Christopher Marlowe

Local Place and the Arthurian Tradition in England and Wales, 1400-1700

Music, Morality and Social Reform in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Reinventing Medieval Liturgy in Victorian England

Contesting the English Polity, 1660-1688

Women and the British Army, 1815-1880

Changing Pedagogies for Children in Eighteenth-Century England

The Crisis of Calvinism in Revolutionary England, 1640-1660

Music, Nature and Divine Knowledge in England, 1650-1750

The Sunday School Movement in Britain, 1900-1939

A Boston Schooner in the Royal Navy, 1768-1772

Minstrels and Minstrelsy in Late Medieval England

The Household and Court of James IV of Scotland, 1488-1513

The Stuart Image

British Christianity and the Second World War

Family Firms in Postwar Britain and Germany

Literary Variety and the Writing of History in Britain's Long Twelfth Century

Conspiracy Culture in Stuart England

Women, Dance and Parish Religion in England, 1300-1640

The Great Famine in Ireland and Britain’s Financial Crisis

Common Land in Britain

The Modern Brass Ensemble in Twentieth-Century Britain

The Funeral Achievements of Henry V at Westminster Abbey