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Looking for a home for your manuscript? Consider submitting to one of these series:

Boydell Studies in Rural History

Catholicisms, c.1450–c.1800 (Durham IMEMS Press)

Ideas and Practices, 1300–1850 (Durham IMEMS Press)

Irish Historical Monographs

Law, Peace, and Justice in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Durham IMEMS Press)

People, Markets, Goods: Economies and Societies in History

Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History

Studies in the Eighteenth Century

Studies in Modern British Religious History

Poly-Olbion: New Perspectives

Edited by Andrew McRae and Philip Schwyzer

Adapting the Eighteenth Century

Edited by Sharon R. Harrow and Kirsten T. Saxton

Agricultural Knowledge Networks in Rural Europe, 1700-2000

Edited by Yves Segers and Leen Van Molle

Blood Waters

by Nicholas Rogers

Borough Government in Restoration Grantham

Edited by John B. Manterfield

General editor Nicholas Bennett

British and Irish Religious Orders in Europe, 1560–1800

Edited by Cormac Begadon and James E. Kelly

The Church of England and British Politics since 1900

Edited by Tom Rodger, Philip Williamson and Matthew Grimley

The Clergy in Early Modern Scotland

Edited by Chris R. Langley, Catherine E. McMillan and Russell Newton

The Colonial Landscape of the British Caribbean

Edited by Roger Leech and Pamela Leech

Common Land in Britain

by Angus J L Winchester

Death and Disease in the Medieval and Early Modern World

Edited by Lori Jones and Nükhet Varlık

English Local History

by Kate Tiller

Erasmus Darwin's Gardens

by Paul A. Elliott

Fictions of Presence

by Ros Ballaster

The Fifteenth Century XVII

Edited by Linda Clark

Financing Cotton

by Steven Toms

The Foreign Office's War, 1939-41

by Keith Neilson

Edited by T. G. Otte

Framing the World

by Margaret Small

Georgina Weldon

by Joanna Martin

God and Uncle Sam

by Michael Snape

Henry VIII and Martin Luther

Edited by Richard Rex

The Jacobite Duchess

by Frances Nolan

Jane Austen, Sex, and Romance

Edited by Nora Nachumi and Stephanie Oppenheim

Landless Households in Rural Europe, 1600-1900

Edited by Christine Fertig, Richard Paping and Henry French

The Letters of Edward I

by Kathleen Neal

London Through Russian Eyes, 1896-1914

Edited and translated by Anna Vaninskaya

Translated by Maria Artamonova

Lost Artefacts from Medieval England and France

Edited by Laura Cleaver and Kathryn Gerry

Lost Country Houses of Norfolk

by Tom Williamson, Ivan D Ringwood and Sarah Spooner

Macaulay and the Enlightenment

by Nathaniel Wolloch

Maritime Kent Through the Ages

Edited by Stuart Bligh and Sheila Sweetinburgh

Music and Instruments of the Elizabethan Age

Edited by Michael Fleming and Christopher Page

The Real Agricultural Revolution

by Paul Brassley, Michael Winter, Matt Lobley and David Harvey

Redcoats to Tommies

Edited by Kevin Linch and Matthew Lord

Rediscovering Lost Landscapes

by Pietro Piana, Charles Watkins and Rossano Balzaretti

Renaissance Papers 2020

Edited by Ward J. Risvold and James M Pearce

Guest editor Holly E. Fling and William Given

Scotland and the Wider World

Edited by Neil McIntyre and Alison Cathcart

Stone Fidelity

by Jessica Barker

Subaltern Medievalisms

Edited by David Matthews and Michael Sanders

War, Trade and the State

Edited by David Ormrod and Gijs Rommelse

Women's Experiences of the Second World War

Edited by Mark J. Crowley and Sandra Trudgen Dawson