Musicians of Bath and Beyond


Edward Loder: Sonata for flute and piano, performed by Alexander Murray and Ian Hobson (CD, privately recorded)

Programme notes: Loder flute sonata (PDF)

Allegro non troppo

Allegretto moderato, ‘The Somnambulist’

Adagio – Rondo, Allegro assai

Edward Loder: Piano Music (10 pieces), performed by Ian Hobson (CD, Toccata Classics TOCC 0322)

Programme notes: Loder piano pieces (PDF)

La Leggerezza: Introduction and Rondino, Op. 15 (c.1830)

Minuetto e Trio, Andante Sentimentale and Allegretto Scherzando, Op. 19 (1833)

Rondo pastorale (c.1830)

‘Russia’ (Le Voyageur, No. 12, 1842)

Introduction and Rondo Brilliant, Op. 17 (c.1830)

Three Tarentellas (1843)

Minuet and Trio in C minor and major (1840)

Introduction & Variations on Costa’s aria ‘Fra la tempeste’ in the opera Don Carlos (1846)

Fantasia on Stephen Foster’s song ‘Willie, we have missed you’ (1859)

‘Lisette at her Spinning Wheel’: A Poem Without Words (1859)

Edward Loder: String Quartet No. 3, Scherzo and Trio

Programme notes: Loder string quartet (PDF)

String Quartet No. 3, Scherzo and Trio

Excerpts from Edward Loder’s Opera, The Night Dancers

Programme notes: The Night Dancers (PDF)

Part of Act I Finale

Giselle’s Dream 

Intrada to Act 2 

Eight Songs by Members of the Loder Family

Programme notes: Eight Songs by Members of the Loder Family (PDF)

There’s a light in her laughing eye (Edward Loder)

Oh, the Old House at Home (Edward Loder)

The Lamentation (Edward Loder)

Robin Hood (Edward Loder)

Invocation to the Deep (Edward Loder)

I heard a brooklet gushing (Edward Loder)

The Dying Immigrant’s Prayer (George Loder, junior)

My faint spirit (Kate Fanny Loder)

Highlights from RAYMOND AND AGNES (1859)

Programme notes: Highlights from RAYMOND AND AGNES (1859) (PDF)

Act 1, Scena (Agnes)

Recitative and Duet (Agnes, Raymond)


Scenes from Act 2


Act 2, Scene 2

Recitative and Scena

Act 2 Finale