Musicians of Bath and Beyond


Edward Loder: Sonata for flute and piano, performed by Alexander Murray and Ian Hobson (CD, privately recorded)

Program notes: Loder flute sonata (PDF)

Allegro non troppo

Allegretto moderato, 'The Somnambulist'

Adagio - Rondo, Allegro assai

Edward Loder: Piano Music (10 pieces), performed by Ian Hobson (CD, Toccata Classics TOCC 0322)

Program notes: Loder piano pieces (PDF)

Introduction: Largo (E flat major)

Minuetto e Trio (E flat major)

Andante sentimentale (B flat major)

Allegretto scherzando (A flat major)

Rondo pastorale: Allegretto (E flat major)

[Introduction:] Allegro non troppo (A major)

Introduction: Andante maestoso (E flat major)

[Rondo brilliant:] Allegro ma non troppo (E flat major)

No. 1. Presto (A minor, 6/16)

No. 2. Allegro molto (D minor, 6/8)

No. 3. Allegro molto (B flat minor, 12/16)

Minuet (C minor) and Trio (C major)

Introduction: Allegro con brio (B flat major)

Variation 1: Poco più mosso

Variation 2: Più lento

Variation 3: Più mosso

Variation 4: Moderato assai (G minor)

Finale: Allegro vivace (B flat major)

Introduction: Maestoso

Allegro (E minor)

Edward Loder: String Quartet No. 3, Scherzo and Trio

Program notes: Loder string quartet (PDF)

String Quartet No. 3, Scherzo and Trio

Excerpts from Edward Loder's Opera, The Night Dancers

Program notes: The Night Dancers (PDF)

Part of Act I Finale

Giselle's Dream 

Intrada to Act 2 

Eight Songs by Members of the Loder Family

Program notes: Eight Songs by Members of the Loder Family (PDF)

There's a light in her laughing eye (Edward Loder)

Oh, the Old House at Home (Edward Loder)

The Lamentation (Edward Loder)

Robin Hood (Edward Loder)

Invocation to the Deep (Edward Loder)

I heard a brooklet gushing (Edward Loder)

The Dying Immigrant's Prayer (George Loder, junior)

My faint spirit (Kate Fanny Loder)

Highlights from RAYMOND AND AGNES (1859)

Program notes: Highlights from RAYMOND AND AGNES (1859) (PDF)

Act 1, Scena (Agnes)

Recitative and Duet (Agnes, Raymond)


Scenes from Act 2


Act 2, Scene 2

Recitative and Scena

Act 2 Finale