Music and Ceremony at the Court of Charles V

March 2012
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Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music
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Music and Ceremony at the Court of Charles V

The Capilla Flamenca and the Art of Political Promotion

Mary Tiffany Ferer

Shows how Charles V used music and ritual to reinforce his image and status as the most important and powerful sovereign in Europe.
The presentation of Charles V as universal monarch, defender of the faith, magnanimous peacemaker, and reborn Roman Emperor became the mission of artists, poets, and chroniclers, who shaped contemporary perceptions of him and engaged in his political promotion. Music was equally essential to the making of his image, as this book shows. It reconstructs musical life at his court, by examining the compositions which emanated from it, the ordinances prescribing its rituals and ceremonies, and his prestigious chapel, which reflected his power and influence.

A major contribution, offering new documentary material and bringing together the widely dispersed information on the music composed to mark the major events of Charles's life. It offers.a very useful insight into music as one of many elements that served to convey the notion of the emperor-monarch in the Renaissance. TESS KNIGHTON

Mary Ferer is Associate Professor at the College of Creative Arts, West Virginia University.

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Table of Contents

Charles V [1500-1558]: Defender of the Faith and Universal Monarch
The Genesis of the Chapel
The Reconstruction of the Capilla Flamenca
The Chapel Ordinances: Ritual and Repertory at the Court
Music and Ceremony at the Court of Charles V
Charles V as Crusader and Christian Knight
The Presentation of the Emperor
Appendix A: Chapel Rosters
Appendix B: Chapel Statutes and Ordinances
Appendix C: Selected Chapel Personnel


The strongest commendation should be given to the painstaking and thorough research that is collated and presented in this book. This results in a handy volume that is virtually exhaustive in content ... Without a doubt, this book should be in the music libraries of universities, conservatories, and specialists interested in the Renaissance. NOTES, December 2013

[A] valuable [...] addition to any music library. The CONSORT

Ferer has provided a comprehensive, critical overview that collects, evaluates, and summarizes much of the secondary literature and the disparate registers, paylists, and other primary sources. She offers a clear, readable narrative that makes sense out of a wide array of data. FONTES ARTIS MUSICAE

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