Mozart's Salzburg Years [1756-1781]

Mozart's Salzburg Years [1756-1781]

Insights and Images

William Cowdery, Catherine Sprague


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Pendragon Press



A fresh look at Mozart's early years as a child prodigy, with new insights and images never seen before in the Mozart literature.
Mozart, the Salzburg Years, 1756-1781, Insights and Images encompasses the composer's early years of travel throughout Europe as a child prodigy, his so-called 'years of servitude' in Salzburg as court composer, his subsequent search for a suitable position, and his return to his native city. Though there is no shortage of books about the life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this volume offers the reader new details and insights into the composer, accompanied by new and startling images never before seen in the Mozart literature.

The authors' research, spanning an eight-year period, was done in city archives across Europe and in other hitherto unknown repositories. The 400 images, of which 100 are newly discovered, directly relate to the composer's life and his activities. Included are his friends and patrons, numerous performance sites, musicians and composers who interfaced with Mozart, and new maps and diagrams. A chronology combines the life events of the composer with his compositions, year by year, employing the most current discoveries in this important area of Mozart studies. Several essays covering the second half of the eighteenth century help the reader place the book's discoveries and content in its historical context.

The authors are Catherine Sprague, pianist and independent researcher, and Dr. William Cowdery of Cornell University, (spurred on by Neal Zaslaw, author of Mozart books and countless publications in musicology).


May 2020
600 colour illustrations
700 pages
10x7 in
ISBN: 9781576472040
Format: Hardback
Pendragon Press
BISAC MUS006000, MUS050000, MUS020000
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