Moving People in Ethiopia

Moving People in Ethiopia

Development, Displacement and the State

Francois Piguet

Edited by Alula Pankhurst


James Currey



One consequence of development has been that large numbers of people have been displaced from their land - the editors provide an analysis of such population displacements in Ethiopia in the context of other causes of movement, such as drought and conflict.
Development worldwide has increasingly involved displacement. Ethiopia is no exception; population displacement resulting from development as well as conflict, drought and conservation has been on the increase since the 1960s. The recent history of conflict in the Horn of Africa has led to large-scale population movements of refugees, returnees, internally displaced groups and demobilized soldiers. The context of drought and food insecurity in the mid-1980s and again in the early 2000s added a further rationale and impetus for organizing state-led resettlement programmes.
This book brings together for the first time studies of the different types of development, conflict and drought induced displacement in Ethiopia, and analyses the conceptual, methodological and experiential similarities, overlaps and differences between these various forms.

ALULA PANKHURST is an independent researcher and a member of the Forum for Social Studies; FRANCOIS PIGUET is a lecturer on the masters course of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action at the Geneva University

Published in association with the Centre Francais des Etudes Ethiopiennes (CFEE)


May 2009
1 line illustrations
344 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Eastern Africa Series
ISBN: 9781847016133
Format: Hardback
Library eBook
James Currey
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Table of Contents

Preface - Michael Cernea
Foreword - Alula Pankhurst and Francois Piguet
Migration, resettlement & displacement in Ethiopia: a historical & spatial overview - Francois Piguet and Alula Pankhurst
Refugees & forced resettlers: towards a unitary study of forced displacement - David Turton
Why do things often go wrong in resettlement projects? -
Social dimensions of development-induced resettlement: the case of the Gilgel Gibe hydro-electric dam - Kassahun Kebede
The effects of development projects on the Karrayu & Afar in the mid-Awash Valley - Ayalew Gebre and Getachew Kassa
The effects of investment on the livelihoods of the Tsamako in the Weyto Valley - Melese Getu
Planning resettlement in Ethiopia: the experience of the Guji Oromo & the Nech Sar National Park - Taddesse Berisso
Urban development & displacement of rural communities around Addis Ababa - Feleke Tadele
Why did resettlement fail? Lessons from Metekel - Gebre Yntiso
Social impact of resettlement in the Beles Valley - Wolde-Selassie Abbute
Revisiting resettlement under two regimes in Ethiopia: the 2000s programme reviewed in the light of the 1980s experience - Alula Pankhurst
In the mouth of the lion: working with the displaced in Addis Ababa - Lewis Aptekar and Behailu Abebe
Returnees' experiences of resettlement in Humera - Kassahun Berhanu
War, displacement & coping: stories from the Ethio-Eritrean war - Behailu Abebe
From young soldiers to adult civilians: gender challenges in Addis Ababa cooperatives - Yisak Tafere
Conclusion. Displacement, migration & relocation: challenges for policy, research & coexistence - Alula Pankhurst and Francois Piguet


A valuable contribution to diaspora studies as well as a good resource for the fields of economics, political science, and social and cultural studies. AFRICAN STUDIES REVIEW

The topic of this book is so important for present-day Ethiopia that its publication can be said to be overdue. AETHIOPICA

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