Missions and Missionaries

Missions and Missionaries

Edited by Pieter N. Holtrop, Hugh McLeod


Ecclesiastical History Society



Missions and missionaries explored from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day.
Christianity is a very successful missionary religion: no other religion has ever spread to so many parts of the globe, or won converts among so many different peoples. This book looks at the men and women who dedicated their lives to spreading their faith, the key figures in the process, and organisations which planned it. It begins in the sixth and seventh centuries when England and the Netherlands were the mission fields, taking up the story again in the seventeenth century, but the main focus is on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries when missions flourished. Some chapters look at strategists in Europe and North America, others at missionaries in Hong Kong, Kenya, Madagascar, Indonesia and the Middle East. Topics of particular interest include the relationship between missionaries and colonial governments and between missionaries and indigenous Christians, the impact of new theologies, and the growing importance of women in modern missions. As a whole, the book illuminates the day to day experiences of individual missionaries, while placing them within a wider framework of political, social, and intellectual change. Professor PIETER N. HOLTROP teaches at the Theologische Universiteit, Kampen; Professor HUGH McLEOD teaches in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Birmingham.Contributors: ANNA MARIA LUISELLI FADDA, EUGENE HONÉE, HENDRIK E. NIEMEIJER, KATE LOWE, JORIS VAN EIJNATTEN, ANDREW PORTER, H.L. MURRE-VAN DEN BERG, GUUS BOONE, BRIAN STANLEY, PIETER N. HOLTROP, RACHEL A. RAKOTONIRINA, MYRTLE HILL, LIESBETH LABBEKE, JOHN CASSON


December 2000
240 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History: Subsidia
ISBN: 9780952973362
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
BISAC REL045000, REL033000
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Table of Contents

Modernism and Mission: The Influence of Dutch Modern Theology on Missionary Practice in the Nineteenth Century - Guus Boone
Missionaries, Mau Mau and the Christian Frontier - John Casson
The Vernacular and the Propagation of the Faith in Anglo-Saxon Missionary Activity - Anna Maria Fadda
Women in the Irish Protestant Foreign Missions c.1873-1914: Representations and Motivations - Myrtle Hill
The Governor a Missionary? Dutch Colonial Rule and Christianization during Idenburg's Term of Office as Governor of Indonesia (1909-1916)Indonesia (1909-1916) - Pieter N. Holtrop
St Willibrord in Recent Historiography - Eugene Honee
'There is so much involved': The Sisters of Charity of St Charles Borromeo in Indonesia in the Period of the Second World War - Liesbeth Labbeke
The Beliefs, Aspirations and Methods of the first Missionaries in British Hong Kong - Kate Lowe
Why Protestant Churches? The American Board and the Eastern Churches (1820-1870) - H L Murre- van den Berg
Political Rivalry and early Dutch Reformed Missions in Seventeenth Century North Sulawesi (Celebes) - Hendrik E Niemeijer
Language, 'Native Agency' and Missionary Control: Rufus Anderson's Journey to India, 1854-5 - Andrew Porter
Re-reading Missionary Publications: The Case of European and Malagasy Martyrologies 1837-1937 - Rachel A Rakotonirina
'Hunting for Souls': The Missionary Pilgrimage of George Sherwood Eddy - Brian Stanley
Civilizing the Kingdom - Joris van Eijnatten


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