Medieval St Andrews

Medieval St Andrews

Church, Cult, City

Edited by Michael Brown, Katie Stevenson


Boydell Press



First extended treatment of the city of St Andrews during the middle ages.
St Andrews was of tremendous significance in medieval Scotland. Its importance remains readily apparent in the buildings which cluster the rocky promontory jutting out into the North Sea: the towers and walls of cathedral, castle and university provide reminders of the status and wealth of the city in the Middle Ages. As a centre of earthly and spiritual government, as the place of veneration for Scotland's patron saint and as an ancient seat of learning, St Andrews was the ecclesiastical capital of Scotland.
This volume provides the first full study of this special and multi-faceted centre throughout its golden age. The fourteen chapters use St Andrews as a focus for the discussion of multiple aspects of medieval life in Scotland. They examine church, spirituality, urban society and learning in a specific context from the seventh to the sixteenth century, allowing for the consideration of St Andrews alongside other great religious and political centres of medieval Europe.

Michael Brown is Professor of Medieval Scottish History, University of St Andrews; Katie Stevenson is Keeper of Scottish History and Archaeology, National Museums Scotland and Senior Lecturer in Late Medieval History, University of St Andrews.

Contributors: Michael Brown, Ian Campbell, David Ditchburn, Elizabeth Ewan, Richard Fawcett, Derek Hall, Matthew Hammond, Julian Luxford, Roger Mason, Norman Reid, Bess Rhodes, Catherine Smith, Katie Stevenson, Simon Taylor, Tom Turpie.


20 black and white, 15 line illustrations
418 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
St Andrews Studies in Scottish History
Hardback, 9781783271689, February 2017
eBook, 9781782049234, February 2017
Boydell Press
BISAC HIS037010, HIS015000, REL033000
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Table of Contents

'Ancient Magnificence': St Andrews in the Middle Ages: An Introduction - Michael H Brown and Katie Stevenson
From Cinrigh Monai to Civitas Sancti Andree: A Star is Born - Simon Taylor
The Idea of St Andrews as the Second Rome Made Manifest - Ian Campbell
The Medieval Ecclesiastical Architecture of St Andrews as a Channel for the Introduction of New Ideas - Richard Fawcett
When the Miracles Ceased: Shrine and Cult Management at St Andrews and Scottish Cathedrals in the Later Middle Ages - Tom Turpie
Religion, Ritual and the Rhythm of the Year in Later Medieval St Andrews - David Ditchburn
Living in the Late Medieval Town of St Andrews - Elizabeth Ewan
The Burgh of St Andrews and its Inhabitants before the Wars of Independence - Matthew Hammond
The Archaeology of Medieval St Andrews - Derek Hall and Catherine Smith
Prelates, Citizens and Landed Folk: St Andrews as a Centre of Lordship in the Late Medieval Ages - Michael H Brown
Augmenting Rentals: The Expansion of Church Property in St Andrews, c. 14001560 - Elizabeth Rhodes
The Prehistory of the University of St Andrews - Norman Reid
University, City and Society - Roger A Mason
The Medieval Maces of the University of St Andrews - Julian Luxford
Heresy, Inquisition and Late Medieval St Andrews - Katie Stevenson
Appendix 1: The St Andrews Foundation Account
Appendix 2: The Augustinian's Account
Appendix 3: The Boar's Raik
Appendix 4: St Andrews University Library, UYSL 110/6/4


The volume is truly multidisciplinary, containing contributions from art historians, archaeologists, architectural historians as well as historians. This is a real strength..The editors should be commended for such a rewarding collection. MEDIEVAL ARCHAEOLOGY

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