Medieval Literature and Historical Inquiry

April 2000
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228 pages
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ISBN: 9780859915557
Format: Hardback

Medieval Literature and Historical Inquiry

Essays in Honor of Derek Pearsall

Edited by David Aers

Historicist readings of the politics and ethics exhibited in a range of medieval texts including Chaucer, Malory and the York Corpus Christi plays.
Critical historicist readings engage with the politics and ethics of selected medieval texts, addressing a wide range of literature and topics of enquiry: Langland, Chaucer, and the Pearl-poet, Malory and the York Corpus Christi plays; chivalric cultures, their forms of identity and mourning; and the politics, ethics and theology of some of the most fascinating writing in late medieval England. Intended as a tribute to Professor Derek Pearsall, and reflecting his major contribution to medieval literary criticism, they are an important addition to the critical and historical study of the period.DAVID AERS is James B. Duke Professor of English and Professor of Historical Theology at Duke University.

Table of Contents

The Condition of Kynde - Nicolette Zeeman
Piers Plowman as Poetic Pillory: The Pillory and the Cross -
The Empire and the Waif: Consent and Conflict in the Man of Law's Tale - Elizabeth Fowler
Chaucer's Tale of Melibee: Whose Virtues? -
Chaucer's 'Tale of Melibee': Whose Virtues? - David Aers
Pearl and the Contingencies of Love and Piety - Lynn Staley
John Lydgate, Jacque of Holland, and the Poetics of Complicity - Paul Strohm
The Heroic Laconic Style: Reticence and Meaning from Beowulf to the Edwardians - Lee Patterson
Chivalric Identity and the Evil Will - Christopher Cannon
Absent Presences: The Theater of Resurrection in York - Sarah Beckwith

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