Medieval Insular Romance: Translation and Innovation

Medieval Insular Romance: Translation and Innovation

Edited by Judith Weiss, Jennifer Fellows, Morgan Dickson





Major themes explored are narratives of the disguised prince, and the reinvention of stories for different tastes and periods.
These studies cover a wide chronological range and familiar and unfamiliar texts and topics. The disguised prince is a theme linking several articles, from early Anglo-Norman romances through later English ones, like King Edward and the Shepherd, to a late 16th-century recasting of the Havelok story as a Tudor celebration of Gloriana. 'Translation' in its widest sense, the way romance can reinvent stories for different tastes and periods, is another running theme; the opening introductory article considers the topic of translation theoretically, concerned to stimulate further research on how insular romances were transferred between vernaculars and literary systems, while other essays consider Lovelich's Merlin (a poem translating its Arthurian material to the poet's contemporary London milieu), Chaucer, and Breton lays in England. Contributors: JUDITH WEISS, IVANA DJORDJEVIC, ROSALIND FIELD, MORGAN DICKSON, ELIZABETH ARCHIBALD, AMANDA HOPKINS, ARLYN DIAMOND, PAUL PRICE, W.A. DAVENPORT, RACHEL SNELL, ROGER DALRYMPLE, HELEN COOPER. Selected studies, 'Romance in Medieval England' conference.


November 2000
3 black and white illustrations
208 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859915977
Format: Hardback
BISAC LIT004120, LIT011000
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Table of Contents

Mapping Medieval Translation - Ivana Djordjevic
Waldef and the Matter of/with England - Rosalind Field
Verbal and Visual Disguise: Society and Identity in Some Twelfth- Century Texts -
The Breton Lay in Middle English: Genre, Transmission and the Franklin's Tale - Elizabeth Archibald
Veiling the Text: The True Role of the Cloth in Emaré - Amanda Hopkins
The Erle of Tolous: the price of virtue - Arlyn Diamond
Confessions of a Godless Killer: Guy of Warwick and Comprehensive Entertainment - Paul Price
Sir Degrevant and Composite Romance - W A Davenport
The Undercover King - Rachel Snell
'Evele knowen 3e Merlyne, jn certeyn': Henry Lovelich's Merlin -
The Elizabethan Havelok: William Warner's First of the English - Helen Cooper


Demonstrates well the enduring potentiality of romance, by showing how these narratives were rewritten over several centuries, but also how the specific movement of history across their surfaces could create of them very different works. NOTES AND QUERIES A fine volume. The papers are generally of high quality and interest, critically informed but well written and free from jargon. ARTHURIANA

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