Medieval Framlingham: Select Documents, 1270-1524

November 1985
2 black and white illustrations
176 pages
23.4x15.2 cm
Suffolk Records Society
ISBN: 9780851154329
Format: Hardback
Suffolk Records Society
Boydell Press

Medieval Framlingham: Select Documents, 1270-1524

Edited by John Ridgard

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Six medieval texts on social and economic life in Framlingham.
Six medieval texts transcribed in full form the core of this book. They cover the Bigod, Brotherton and Howard eras and include a survey of Framlingham made in the late 13th century, an account of household expenses (mostly food and drink) compiled by the steward of the castle for the year 1385-6, and a large and detailed inventory of Framlingham castle drawn up (in English) in 1524. These documents illuminate the social and economic life of Framlingham within and without the castle walls during a period when the power and wealth of the lords of Framlingham castle greatly influenced the outcome of both regional and national events. Short descriptions of each text have been provided, which include translations of some of the most interesting items. John Ridgard's book begins with a short history of Framlingham in the middle ages. In addition to the historical material contained in the six transcribed texts, he has drawn widely on other documentary sources of the period, such as the recently rediscovered Survey of Framlingham made in 1547 and owned by Pembroke College, Cambridge. Short studies of four aspects of Framlingham's medieval history for which there is particularly interesting documentary evidence - hunting, milling, the provision of wine and spices, and the market - have been included in this volume as appendices.

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