Medieval Clothing and Textiles 12

August 2016
6 colour, 42 black and white, 1 line illustrations
222 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Medieval Clothing and Textiles
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Medieval Clothing and Textiles 12

Edited by Robin Netherton, Gale R. Owen-Crocker

The best new research on medieval clothing and textiles, drawing from a range of disciplines.
The studies collected here range through art, artifacts, documentary text, and poetry, addressing both real and symbolic functions of dress and textiles. John Block Friedman breaks new ground with his article on clothing for pets and other animals, while Grzegorz Pac compares depictions of sacred and royal female dress and evaluates attempts to link them together. Jonathan C. Cooper describes the clothing of scholars in Scotland's three pre-Reformation universities and the effects of the Reformation upon it. Camilla Luise Dahl examines references to women's garments in probates and what they reveal about early modern fashions. Megan Cavell focuses on the treatment of textiles associated with the Holy of Holies in Old English biblical poetry. Frances Pritchard examines the iconography, heraldry, and inscriptions on a worn and repaired set of embroidered fifteenth-century orphreys to determine their origin. Finally, Thomas M. Izbicki summarizes evidence for the choice of white linen for the altar and the responsibilities of priests for keeping it clean and in good repair.

Table of Contents

The Attire of the Virgin Mary and Female Rulers in Iconographical Sources of the Ninth to Eleventh Centuries: Analogues, Interpretations, Misinterpretations - Grzegorz Pac
Sails, Veils, and Tents: The Segl and Tabernacle of Old English Christ III and Exodus - Megan Cavell
Linteamenta altaria: The Care of Altar Linens in the Medieval Church - Thomas M. Izbicki
Coats, Collars, and Capes: Royal Fashions for Animals in the Early Modern Period - John Block Friedman
A Set of Late-Fifteenth-Century Orphreys Relating to Ludovico Buonvisi, a Lucchese Merchant, and Embroidered in a London Workshop - Frances Pritchard
Academical Dress in Late Medieval and Renaissance Scotland - Jonathan C. Cooper
Dressing the Bourgeoisie: Clothing in Probate Records of Danish Townswomen, ca. 1545-1610 - Camilla Luise Dahl
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