Margaret Atwood

February 2000
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European Studies in North American Literature and Culture
Camden House
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Margaret Atwood

Works and Impact

Edited by Reingard M. Nischik


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A collection of new essays on the multi-talented Canadian writer Margaret Atwood.
Novelist, poet, cultural critic, Margaret Atwood is one of the most fascinating, versatile, and productive authors of our time, a superb writer in any genre she chooses to tackle. This book was prepared on the occasion of Atwood's sixtieth birthday in November 1999. Its first aim is therefore to take stock of Atwood's multifarious works and international impact at the height of her creative powers. Secondly, the book serves as a wide-ranging introduction to the writer and her works. Fifteen informative articles written specifically for this volume by Atwood specialists from Canada, the USA, the UK, Germany, and France treat her life and status, her works (up-to-date survey articles on Atwood's novels, short fiction, poetry, and literary and cultural criticism), and important approaches to her works (from the standpoints of gender politics, mythology, ecology, popular culture, constructivism, and Canadian nationalism). A final section on creativity, transmission, and reception includes an interview with Atwood on creativity, statements by some of Atwood's important transmitters, including publishers, editors, literary agents, and translators, and some 15 statements by Atwood's fellow writers, in which they explore her importance for them. A number of photographs of Atwood, several cartoons drawn by her, an up-to-date bibliography of works by and about Atwood, and an index round out the volume.

Reingard M. Nischik is Professor of American literature at the University of Konstanz, Germany.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Reingard M. Nischik
Lions, Tigers, and Pussycats: Margaret Atwood (Auto-) Biographically - Nathalie Cooke
Celebrity, or a Disneyland of the Soul:Margaret Atwood and the Media - Susanne Becker
Canonizing Atwood: Her Impact on Teaching in the U.S., Canada, and Europe - Caroline Rosenthal
On the Border: Margaret Atwood's Novels - Alice Palumbo
Margaret Atwood's Short Fiction - Charlotte Sturgess
Margaret Atwood's Poetry 1966-1995 - Lothar Hoennighausen
"A Certain Frivolty": Margaret Atwood's Literary Criticism - Walter Pache
Transgressing Genre: A Generic Approach to Margaret Atwood's Novels - Coral Ann Howells
Alias Atwood: Narrative Games and Gender Politics - Barbara Rigney
Margaret Atwood: A Canadian Nationalist - Paul Goetsch
Margaret Atwood, the Land, and Ecology - Ronald Hatch
Recycling Culture: Kitsch, Camp, and Trash in Margaret Atwood's Fiction - Lorna Irvine
Mythological Intertexts in Atwood's Works - Sharon Wilson
Re-Constructions of Reality in Margaret Atwood's Literature: A Constructionists Approach - Klaus Peter Mueller
Challenging the Reader: An Analysis of Margaret Atwood's Creative Technique in her First Published Novel - Helmut Reichenbaecher
Creativity: An Interview with Margaret Atwood - Gabriele Metzler
Working with Margaret Atwood - Ellen Seligman
Charted and Uncharted Courses - Nan Talese
On Loyalty and Love - Liz Calder
Reminiscing - Helmut Frielinghaus
On Translating Margaret Atwood - Brigitte Walitzek
The J-Stroke - Arnulf Conradi


Winner of the Best Book Award of the Margaret Atwood Society, 1999/2000.

Represents the best collective Atwood criticism that I have seen for years. NEWSLETTER OF THE MARGARET ATWOOD SOCIETY

Presents a superb overview of Canada's most famous living author. CHOICE

An impressive international list of contributors... STUDIES IN THE NOVEL

Provides a positive example of cross-national scholarly collaboration and includes the perspective of the literary publishing world. ZEITSCHRIFT FUER KANADA-STUDIEN

Succeeds in presenting an accessible and comprehensive introduction to Atwood's works and her critical contexts. CANADIAN LITERATURE

An extremely valuable research tool and a magnificent hommage to an equally magnificent writer. ETUDES CANADIENNES/CANADIAN STUDIES

An excellent important enrichment of Atwood scholarship. ANGLISTIK

... serious critical work from some of the most substantial contemporary Atwood scholars. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENGLISH STUDIES

An invaluable resource, well organised and beautifully presented. BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANADIAN STUDIES

[T]he volume [has] that special something, not least in the particular and in this context exclusively positive kind of hybridity that makes it the ideal medium for the representation of Margaret Atwood in all her facets. The unique structure of the volume and its high scholarly standards along with the simultaneous inclusion of very personal glimpses at the life and work of the author make [it] a book with enough breadth and depth to stand out among the countless books on Atwood. GERMANISCH-ROMANISCHE MONATSSCHRIFT

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