Marcabru: A Critical Edition

July 2000
622 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859915748
Format: Hardback

Marcabru: A Critical Edition

Edited by Simon Gaunt, Ruth Harvey, Linda Paterson with John Marshall

New critical edition of complete work of 12c Occitanian troubadour Marcabru, crucial figure in development of European courtly lyric.
One of the earliest troubadours, Marcabru was a remarkable artist and entertainer, and a figure of crucial importance to the development of the European courtly lyric. His blistering attacks on contemporary court society reveal an intellectual insider's view of the clash between clerical morality and the emerging secular ethics of love and courtesy. His fervent, often acerbic engagement with contemporary events also provides a unique southern perspective on political upheavals and crusading movements in twelfth-century Occitania and northern Spain. This new critical edition, the first for nearly 100 years, makes his complete corpus accessible to a wide readership, supplying translations, full critical apparatus, and copious textual notes, with a substantial glossary of Marcabru's extraordinarily inventive vocabulary. The introduction supplies historical information, discussion of the poet's language, and an analysis of the manuscript transmission. It also raises fresh issues of troubadour versification techniques in this formative period, and engages in a new way with the current debate about editorial methodology and medieval textual criticism. [Leaflet blurb - see AN]


Shows the breadth and richness of this profoundly rewarding poet, and the accumulated scholarship concerning his work. This is an accessible, detailed and thorough edition which shows every sign of proving as enduring as its predecessor. FRENCH STUDIES [trans.] This new edition is timely. It brings together criticism previously dispersed, and cannot but contribute to a wider audience for this remarkable troubadour. REVUE DE LINGUISTIQUE ROMANE

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