Making and Remaking the African City: Studies in Urban Africa

In recent years, there has been a transformative change in the populations of Africa, so that today Africans live in predominantly urban and peri-urban spaces rather than in the rural settlements of the past. This series examines urban growth, its delivery and impact on existing and new populations in relation to the key issues of the moment, such as climate change, sustainability and migration. Showcasing cutting-edge research into how the African city and urban environments are being made and remade across the continent, the books in this series will open up debate on Urban Studies as a dynamic social interaction and urban encounter, and bring a fresh perspective to its exploration.

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Series Editors

Professor Taibat Lawanson, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, University of Lagos: [email protected]

Professor Marie Huchzemeyer, School of Architecture and Planning, Wits University: [email protected]

Professor Ola Uduku, Head of School, Liverpool School of Architecture: [email protected]