Loyalism and the Formation of the British World, 1775-1914

Loyalism and the Formation of the British World, 1775-1914

Edited by Allan Blackstock, Frank O'Gorman


Boydell Press



Explores loyalism as a social and political force in eighteenth and nineteenth century British colonies and former colonies.
Loyalism in Britain and Ireland, which was once seen as a crude reaction against radicalism or nationalism, stimulated by the elite and blindly followed by plebeians, has recently been shown by historians to have been, on the contrary, a politically multi-faceted, socially enabling phenomenon which did much to shape identity in the British Isles. This book takes further this revised picture by considering loyalism in the wider British World. It considers the overall nature of loyalism, exploring its development in England, Ireland and Scotland, and goes on to examine its manifestation in a range of British colonies and former colonies, including the United States, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand. It shows that whilst eighteenth-century Anglo-centric loyalism had a core of common ideological assumptions, associational structures and ritual behaviour, loyalism manifested itself differently in different territories. This divergence is explored through a discussion of the role of loyal associations and military institutions, loyalism's cultural and ritual dimensions and its key role in the formation of political identities. Chronologically, the book covers a pivotal period, comprehending the American and French Revolutions, the 1798 Irish rebellion and Irish Union, the Canadian rebellions of 1837, and Fenianism and Home Rule campaigns throughout the British World.

Allan Blackstock is Reader in History at the University of Ulster and author of Loyalism in Ireland, 1789-1829 (Boydell, 2007).

Frank O'Gorman was Professor of History at the University of Manchester.

Contributors: Allan Blackstock, Richard P. Davis, Oliver Godsmark, William Gould, Jacqueline Hill, Andrew R. Holmes, Kyle Hughes, Mark G. McGowan, Donald M. MacRaild, Keith Mason, Patrick Maume, Katrina Navickas, Frank O'Gorman, Brad Patterson, Scott W. See

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May 2014
1 line illustrations
309 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843839125
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
BISAC HIS015000, HIS037050, HIS037060
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Table of Contents

Loyalism and the British World:overviews, themes and linkages - Allan Blackstock and Frank O'Gorman
Origins and Trajectories of Loyalism in England, 1580 - 1840 - Frank O'Gorman
The 'Spirit of Loyalty': Material Culture, Space and the Construction of an English Loyalist Memory, 1790 - 1840 - Katrina Navickas
Anti-Catholicism and Orange Loyalism in Nineteenth-Century Britain - Donald MacRaild and Kyle Hughes
Loyalty and the Monarchy in Ireland, c.1660 - c.1840 - Jacqueline Hill
The Trajectories of Loyalty and Loyalism in Ireland, 1793 - 1849 - Allan Blackstock
Presbyterians, Loyalty and Orangeism in Nineteenth-Century Ulster - Andrew Holmes
Unionists and Patriots: James Whiteside, the Irish Bar and the dilemmas of the Protestant Nation in Victorian Ireland - Patrick Maume
Loyalism in British North America in the Age of Revolution, c.1775 - 1812 - Keith Mason
'A colonial hybrid': Nineteenth-Century Loyalism as articulated by the Orange Order in the Maritime Colonies of British North America - Scott W. See
Canadian Catholics, Loyalty and the British Empire, 1763 - c.1901 - Mark G. McGowan
Loyalism in Australasia, 1788 - 1868 - Richard P. Davis
'We love one country, one queen, one flag': Loyalism in Early Colonial New Zealand, 1840 - 1880 - Brad Patterson
Clientelism, Community and Collaboration: Loyalism in Nineteenth-Century Colonial India - William Gould and Oliver Godsmark


An interesting and timely collection.... Carefully constructed collections of essays, such as this one, are essential for broad coverage of topics that cross such large geographical and chronological boundaries. AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF IRISH STUDIES

An interesting and broad collection of essays and.a welcome addition to the literature on loyalism. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

This collection presents a wide array of interpretations of British national identity and loyalty to the Empire prior to the First World War...This contribution prompts a great deal of thought as to how historic and contemporary national identity, patriotism, and loyalism are fostered. VICTORIAN STUDIES

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