Louise von Gall

Louise von Gall

Her World and her Work

Hugh Powell

Louise von Gall (1815-1855) wrote two novels, over 20 short stories, two comedies, and numerous feuilletons. She was a writer of fiction whose works betrayed her interests in politics, economics, technology, and the injustices suffered by a majority of the German population. In her time she was considered a 'minor' writer though it is now evident that her works revealed more about contemporary problems than those of much more prominent writers.
Powell's book aims to reappraise the works and achievements of a long-forgotten social critic, and to place her in the environment of other would-be social reformers, such as Karl Gutzkow and the economist Friedrich List.


"Powell's lively and well-researched book makes a valuable contribution to the larger ongoing effort of scholars to recover the works and lives of women authors who have languished, until recently, in obscurity. It is the first contemporary assessment of . . . Louise von Gall (1815-1855), a spirited social critic and the writer of feuilletons and fiction." SOUTH CENTRAL REVIEW

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