Lord Broghill and the Cromwellian Union with Ireland and Scotland

November 2004
1 black and white, 2 line illustrations
286 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Irish Historical Monographs
ISBN: 9781843830993
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press

Lord Broghill and the Cromwellian Union with Ireland and Scotland

Patrick Little

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A re-evaluation of the career of Cromwell's trusted lieutenant Roger Boyle, Lord Broghill.
Broghill's years of political influence included a distinctive initiative in Ireland in the early 1650s calling for limits on army power, religious radicalism, and urging closer ties with England; domestic reforms and keen promotion of the Cromwellian regime in Scotland, of which he was president during 1655-6; and in 1656-7 the introduction of the Humble Petition and Advice, which sought to re-establish a civilian state, with Oliver Cromwell as king. Cromwell's refusal of the crown marked the beginning of the end of Broghill's political aspirations, and here these years of influence are seen in the context of the rest of his life, especially his early years as understudy of his father, the 1st earl of Cork, and his later life, as earl of Orrery. A thematic section deals with Broghill's private motives: the importance of his extended family, his financial situation, and, above all, his deep religious beliefs.
PATRICK LITTLE is Senior Research Fellow, History of Parliament Trust.


Well researched and elegantly written [this] book strives to be more than a 'mere' biography. [...] An extremely important contribution to the historiography of Cromwellian Britain, and a model for future research into British history. THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY
An outstanding study...clear and convincing. CROMWELLIANA
A splendid account of the intricate nature of Britain and Ireland during the civil wars and the Interregnum, as seen through the career of Lord Broghill. [...] A superb study, which was sorely needed, of this important figure in Cromwellian politics. UCD HISTORY REVIEW
This is a finely nuanced study demonstrating how meticulously researched and thoughtful biography can provide powerful illumination for major and rather more impersonal themes such as state building, confessional strife and constitutional crisis. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW
Offers an important and detailed reappraisal of Broghill's prominent role in English and British Protectoral politics of the mid- and later 1650s. [...] It is unlikely that anyone will be able to take the Broghill of the 1650s much further or paint a fuller and more rounded picture than Little. This is an excellent, thoughtful, and important biographical study, full of ideas and resonances. JOURNAL OF BRITISH HISTORY (US)

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