Literature and the Visual Media

August 2005
8 black and white illustrations
206 pages
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Essays and Studies
ISBN: 9781843840565
Format: Hardback

Literature and the Visual Media

Edited by David Seed

Essays on the links between film and fiction, and their mutual influence.
Fiction and film interrelate closely to each other, and the specially commissioned essays in this volume all consider different aspects of this relationship. Beginning with discussions of Dickens and Victorian literature, the contributors, all leading scholars in this field, demonstrate how visual devices like the magic lantern caught the interest of writers and affected their choice of subject and method. The impact of the cinema on the British modernists is then discussed, and the remaining essays provide detailed case studies on such subjects as Hemingway, Updike, and the depiction of women in contemporary fiction and film.

Table of Contents

Optical Recreations and Victorian Literature - John Plunkett
The Travelling Lanternist and the Uncommercial Traveller: An Experiment in Correspondences - Grahame Smith
British Modernist Encounters with the Cinema - David Seed
Killing `The Killers': Hemingway, Hollywood and Death - Oliver Harris
Burning Too: Consuming Fahrenheit 451 - Mark Bould
Updike's Golden Oldies: Rabbit as Spectacular Man - Judie Newman
On Conversation - Carol Watts
Transcendence through Violence: Women and the Martial Arts in Recent American Fiction and Film - Deborah L. Madsen

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