Literary Criticism in Perspective

Literary Criticism in Perspective is a Camden House series of succinct, lucid, “reader-friendly” single-authored books on the state of literary scholarship and criticism on a major author, a single major work, or a literary school or movement. The goal is not only to summarize and chronicle the ebb and flow of the criticism of the work or works in question, but to reveal the workings of academic criticism itself and how trends in the academy and in society at large affect it.

The series has branches in American literature and German literature; we are open to titles on major figures in English literature as well. Authors of the books in this series are experts in their disciplines who are also interested in the principles and history of literary criticism. The intended readership consists of literary scholars and graduate students in need of critical orientation (not necessarily in the fields of American or German literature, respectively, but also in comparative literature and other modern language literatures).

For additional information please see the series guidelines. Proposals are welcomed by the series editors via email attachment or post, or can be sent via the adjacent electronic proposal form. Contracts are normally extended on the basis of a detailed plan and generally allow about two years for the composition of the manuscript prior to vetting by the appropriate series editors, readings by two outside experts, and appropriate revisions being made.

American Literature

Brian Yothers
Professor and Chair
Department of English
St. Louis University
Adjoran Hall
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St. Louis, MO 63108
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German Literature, English Literature

Jim Walker
Camden House
134 Deerwood Trail
Lake Placid, NY 12946
t + 1 518 837 5232 (M-F 9-5)
f + 1 518 837 5232
[email protected] (email is preferred)

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