Life and Thought in the Northern Church, c.1100-c.1700

Life and Thought in the Northern Church, c.1100-c.1700

Essays in Honour of Claire Cross

Edited by Diana Wood


Ecclesiastical History Society



Essays on medieval and early modern ecclesiastical life and thought in the north of England.
Devout northern lay women and men, Puritan earls, godly preachers, heretics, family members, northern bishops and archbishops, priests and monks -all these feature in this collection of original essays on medieval and early modern ecclesiastical life and thought in the north of England, as is appropriate for a volume honouring the work of Claire Cross, who has made such a major contribution to the history of the northern Church. The book covers the great and the good connected in some way with the area, whether northern inhabitants, or those who operated within a wider context: Archbishop Thomas Arundel, for example, whose career is radically reinterpreted; the breadth of Professor Cross's interests is also reflected, from grammar schools and early printed books to episcopal jurisdiction and administration, and the interpretation of archives, especially wills. There are also pieces on other vital aspects of the area: the healing wells and springs, the symbolism surrounding northern bishops and their seals and mitres, and an account of the performance of Corpus Christi plays in the north. Together, the essays offer fresh insights into the northern church through a turbulent period in its history.

Contributors: R.B. Dobson, Peter Biller, Rosalind Hill, Diana Wood, Michael Wilks, Anne Hudson, Robert N. Swanson, David Smith, P.J.P. Goldberg, Ann Rycraft, Margaret Aston, Alexandra Walsham, Christopher Webb, David Marcombe, David Loades, Jane E.A. Dawson, David Lamburn, W.J. Sheils, Christine M. Newman, Rosemary O'Day, David Scott, Anne Laurence, Susan Hardmann Moore, William Coster, Stuart Mews, David M. Thompson


July 1999
17 black and white, 11 line illustrations
610 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History: Subsidia
ISBN: 9780952973324
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
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Table of Contents

Claire Cross: A Tribute - R B Dobson
William of Newburgh and the Cathar Mission to England - Peter Biller
Fund-raising in a Fourteenth-century Province - Rosalind Hill *** dec ***
John of Ayton's `Grumbling Gloss': a Northern Churchman's view of Society - Diana Wood
Thomas Arundel of York: the Appellant Archbishop - Michael **dec** Wilks
Wyclif and the North: Evidence from Durham - Anne Hudson
An Appropriate Anomaly: Topcliffe Parish and the Fabric Fund of York Minster in the Later Middle Ages - Robert N Swanson
The Exercise of the Probate Jurisdiction of the Medieval Archbishops of York - David Smith
Performing the Word of God: Corpus Christi Drama in the Northern Province - P J P Goldberg
The Arrival of Humanistic Script in York? - Ann Rycraft
Bishops, Seals, Mitres - Margaret Aston
Reforming the Waters: Holy Wells and Healing Springs in Protestant England - Alexandra M Walsham
A Cencus of York Clergy? The Clerical Subsidy of 1523-1528 - Christopher C Webb
The Last Days of Lenton Priory - David Marcombe
Monastery into Chapter: Durham 1539-1559 - David Loades
The Protestant Earl and Godly Gael: the Fifth Earl of Argyll (c.1538-1573) and the Scottish Reformation - Jane E A Dawson
`Digging and Dunging': Some Aspects of Lay Influence in the Church in Northern Towns - David Lamburn
An Archbishop in the Pulpit: Tobie Matthew's Preaching Diary, 1606-1622 - W J Sheils
`An Honorable and Elect Lady': the Faith of Isabel, Lady Bowes - Christine M Newman
A Bishop, a Patron and Some Preachers: a problem of Presentation - Rosemary O'Day
Yorkshire's Godly Incendiary: the Career of Henry Darley during the Reign of Charles I - David Scott
`This sad and deplorable condition': an Attempt towards Recovering an Account of the Sufferings of Northern Clergy Families in the 1640s and 1650s.1640s and 1650s. - Anne Laurence
`Pure folkes' and the Parish: Thomas Larkham in Cockermouth and Tavistock - Susan Hardman Moore
Community, Piety and Family in Yorkshire Wills between the Reformation and the Restoration - William Coster
Catholicism and the Church of England in a Northern Library: Henry Halstead and the Burnley Grammar School Library - Stuart Mews
Catholicism and the Church of England in a Northern Library: Henry Halstead and the Burnley Grammar School Library - Michael A Mullett
Bishop Lightfoot and the Northern Church - David M. Thompson
Bibliography of the works of Claire Cross - Christine M Newman


Varied, fascinating and wide-ranging. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY
Long, scholarly and deeply impressive... this book is extraordinarily rich, and contains some fine writing and shrewd observation. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

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