Law and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Germany

Law and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Germany

The Imperial Aulic Council in the Reign of Charles VI

Michael Hughes

A study of `imperialistic reaction': the attempt made in the reign of the Emperor Charles VI to re-establish imperial authority and the consequent brief halt in the decline and disintegration of the Holy Roman Empire and the Emperor's loss of power.


`particularly useful to have this study in English on the struggle in the early eighteenth century between the Mecklenburg and East Frisian Estates and their rulers and on the response of the neighbouring princes and of Charles VI in his constitutional role as emperor.' DEREK McKAY German History 9, 1; 91`this book is a solid and welcome addition to the study of the Reich and its insititutions in the eighteenth century.' CHARLES INGRAO American Historical Review, Apr 1991

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