La Narrativa de Concha Alós

March 1994
95 pages
24x17 cm
Monografias A
ISBN: 9781855660328
Format: Paperback

La Narrativa de Concha Alós

Texto, pretexto y contexto

Genaro J. Pérez

Critical study of works of Alós, contemporary Spanish woman novelist.
La narrativa de Concha Alós; Texto, pretexto y contexto is a study of the contemporary Spanish novelist, Concha Alós (born in Valencia in 1922), a transitional figure between the post-war "social novel" and post-neo-realist experimentalism, who also expresses concerns of post-Franco feminist writings. Spanish critics have neglected Alós, reacting unfavorably to her "unwomanly" vocabulary and topics; she shares with other women writers the more general neglect by international Hispanism.
Eight novels and a short story collection, Alós's complete fiction to date, are studied via analysis of feminist themes and motifs. Intertextual dialogues, binary oppositions, and narrative techniques are among elements examined. The study's nine chapters utilise varied critical approaches, most importantly formalist and feminist.

GENARO J. PÉREZ is Professor of Spanish at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

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