Kinderleben oder das Mährchen ohne Ende: The Story without an End

April 1995
1 colour, 2 black and white illustrations
88 pages
22.8x15.2 in
Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture
ISBN: 9781571130617
Format: Hardback
Camden House

Kinderleben oder das Mährchen ohne Ende: The Story without an End

Friedrich Wilhelm Carové, Sarah Austin

Edited by Christoph E. Schweitzer

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A fascinating analysis of one of the most popular children's works of all time.
Kinderleben oder das Mährchen ohne Ende (1830) is a unique product of late German Romanticism. As a Kunstmärchen or 'artificial' fairy tale (as opposed to the more 'authentic' tales collected by the Grimm brothers, for example) it combines aspects of the traditional fairy tale with philosophical ideals, particularly those of idealism. Although only one edition ever appeared in Germany, it enjoyed wide popularity in England and the United States as The Story Without an End (1834), adapted by the foremost English translator of the period, Sarah Austin, on whom much critical attention has recently been focused. This new edition of text and translation includes a valuable commentary with notes on the nine illustrators and a list of all previous editions of the work.


"Erudite and handsomely produced edition of a long-forgotten work and its illustrious English-language reincarnation." MARVELS & TALES

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