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Al-Andalus in Motion

Edited by Rachel Scott, AbdoolKarim Vakil and Julian Weiss

At a time when the discourse of a clash of civilisations has been re-grounded anew in scaremongering and dog-whistle politics over a Hispanic "challenge" to America and a Muslim "challenge" to European...

Arthurian Literature XXXVI

Edited by Megan G Leitch and Kevin S Whetter

Guest editor Sarah Bowden, Susanne Friede and Andreas Hammer

Arthurian Literature has established its position as the home for a great diversity of new research into Arthurian matters. It delivers fascinating material across genres, periods, and theoretical issues. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

Blood Waters

by Nicholas Rogers

Far from the romanticised image of the swashbuckling genre of maritime history, the eighteenth-century Caribbean was a 'marchlands' in which violence was a way of life and where solidarities were transitory and highly volatile.

The Borges Enigma

by Cynthia Lucy Stephens

Explores Borges's supreme literary craftsmanship and the intimate puzzles of his fictions.

The Country Houses of Shropshire

by Gareth Williams

A gazetteer of the many fine Shropshire country houses, which covers the architecture, the owners' family history, and the social and economic circumstances that affected them.

The Critical Life of Toni Morrison

by Susan Neal Mayberry

The first book to trace the critical reception of the great African American woman writer, attending not only to her fiction but to her nonfiction and critical writings.

Decolonising the Museum

by Thea Pitman

Explores the scope that there is for Indigenous curatorial agency in the relationship of Indigenous contemporary art with the 'art world'.

Erasmus Darwin's Gardens

by Paul A. Elliott

This first full study of Erasmus Darwin's gardening, horticulture and agriculture shows he was as keen a nature enthusiast as his grandson Charles, and demonstrates the ways in which his landscape experiences transformed his understanding of nature.

How D. H. Lawrence Read Herman Melville

by Kevin J. Hayes

Details Lawrence's reception of Melville and reveals his underacknowledged role in the Melville Revival, while contributing to the history of the book and the study of the creative process.

Mexican Genders, Mexican Genres

by Paul Julian Smith

Gender representation in Mexico's contemporary audio-visual landscape

Nature: An English Literary Heritage

by Marie Addyman

A journey through texts on, about, or reflecting our experience of the natural world.

Ports in the Medieval European Atlantic

Edited by Ana María Rivera Medina

Presents a wealth of original research findings on how medieval ports actually worked, providing new insights on shipping, trade, port society and culture, and systems of regional and international integration.

Security and Illegality in Cuba's Transition to Democracy

by Vidal Romero

How can an environment be created in Cuba in which safety is not sacrificed for more open markets and politics?

The Yorkshire Historical Dictionary

Compiled by George Redmonds

Edited by Alexandra Medcalf

Series edited by Christopher C Webb

An invaluable reference work, providing definitions for a plethora of words old and new from Yorkshire's dialect.