Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love and The Motherhood of God

April 1998
102 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Library of Medieval Women
ISBN: 9780859914536
Format: Paperback
Library eBook
BISAC LCO017000, LCO019000, REL040030

Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love and The Motherhood of God

Frances Beer

Frances Beer chooses Julian's first, more intimate, Revelations on which to base this accessible edition and study of her life and work.
Despite the strange and distant nature of her life and subject-matter, the works of Julian of Norwich remain immediate and compelling. Her Revelations are recorded in two versions: the short text, or "first edition", written near the time; and the better-known second version, which is both longer and more complex, completed some twenty years later. The short text, offering personal details edited out in her "second edition", but which allow a better sense of Julian as a person, is presented here in translation. It includes also those chapters from the long text that describe Julian's doctrine of the Motherhood of God. The volume also contains an introduction, placing Julian in the larger context of the fourteenth-century English mystical tradition, and an Interpretative Essay.

FRANCES BEER is Professor of English at York University, Toronto.

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Contributes to the complete picture of Julian of Norwich as an author in that it invites renewed close reading of the Revelation and study of the text in its varied manuscript and textual contexts. REVIEW OF ENGLISH STUDIES

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