Journal of Medieval Military History

The Journal, an annual publication of De re militari: The Society for Medieval Military History, covers medieval warfare in the broadest possible terms, both chronologically and thematically. It aims to encompass topics ranging from traditional studies of the strategic and tactical conduct of war, to explorations of the martial aspects of chivalric culture and mentalité, examinations of the development of military technology, and prosopographical treatments of the composition of medieval armies. Editions of previously unpublished documents of significance to the field are included. The Journal also seeks to foster debate on key disputed aspects of medieval military history.

The Editors welcome submissions to the Journal, which should be formatted in accordance with the style-sheet provided on De re militari’s website, and sent electronically to the editor specified there.

Series Editors

Clifford J. Rogers

Dr. Kelly DeVries 
History Department
Loyola University
4501 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210

Professor John France
Queen Mary | University of London
History Department
University of Wales
Swansea, Wales


Richard Abels
Carroll Gillmor
Aldo A. Settia
Gregory D. Bell
Russell Mitchell
Donald J. Kagay
Christopher Allmand

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