Journal of Medieval Military History

September 2012
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Journal of Medieval Military History
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Journal of Medieval Military History

Volume X

Edited by Clifford J. Rogers, Kelly DeVries, John France

Latest volume in the leading forum for debate on aspects of medieval warfare.
The tenth anniversary of the Journal includes pieces by some of the most distinguished scholars of military history, including an analysis of tenth-century Ottonian warfare on the eastern frontier of the Empire by David and Bernard Bachrach. As ever, the contributions cover a wide span both chronologically (from an analysis of the careers of Justinian's generals in the sixth century, to a study of intelligence-gathering in the Guelders War at the start of the sixteenth) and geographically (from Michael Prestwich's transcription of excerpts from the Hagnaby chronicle describing Edward I's wars in Wales, to a detailed treatment of the Ottoman-Hungarian campaigns of 1442). Other papers address the battle of Rio Salado (1340); the nature of chivalric warfare as presented in the contemporary biography of "le bon duc" Louis de Bourbon (1337-1410); and the military content of the Lay of the Cid.

Contributors: David Alan Parnell, Bernard S. Bachrach, David Bachrach, Francisco García Fitz, Nicolás Agrait, Steven Muhlberger, John J. Jefferson, James P. Ward, Michael Prestwich

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Table of Contents

The Careers of Justinian's Generals - David Parnell
Early Saxon Frontier Warfare: Henry I, Otto I, and Carolingian Military Institutions - David S. Bachrach and Bernard S Bachrach
War in The Lay of the Cid - Francisco Garcia Fitz
The Battle of Salado [1340] Revisited - Nicolas Agrait
Chivalry and Military Biography in the Later Middle Ages: The Chronicle of the Good Duke Louis of Bourbon - Steven Muhlberger
The Ottoman-Hungarian Campaigns of 1442 - John Jefferson
Security and Insecurity, Spies and Informers in Holland during the Guelders War [1506-1515] - James P. Ward
Edward I's Wars in the Chronicle of Hagnaby Priory - Michael Prestwich

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