Johannes Schlaf and German Naturalist Drama

Johannes Schlaf and German Naturalist Drama

Raleigh Whitinger

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First book in English devoted to Johannes Schlaf, the 19th-century German playwright, bringing fresh insights to the whole movement of German naturalist drama.
This is the first book in English on the German playwright Johannes Schlaf (1862-1941), whose involvement in 'consistent realism' and modern theatre in the 1890s provides an insight into the origins and development of German naturalist drama. Schlaf's main contributions to this movement were with Die Familie Selicke (1890), on which he collaborated with Arno Holz, and Meister Oelze (1892), works which show his innovative talents. The author considers these works in the context of the experimental prose sketches which Schlaf worked on with Holz after 1888, and of the realist and naturalist dramas of Hebbel, Ibsen, Hauptmann, and Sudermann; he brings out their growing concern with trapped women and victimised children, as well as their critical focus on the problems of traditional poetry.


'This first book in English on Johannes Schlaf admirably fulfills Whitinger's objective to employ the German author and some of his little-known texts as a focal point for the consideration of naturalism in a broad context.' GERMAN QUARTERLY
'For scholars of modern drama, or for anyone teaching German drama ... Whitinger's study will provide both background knowledge and ideas for future research.' SAR
'Masterful study...' GERMANIC NOTES & REVIEWS
To be welcomed as an important contribution to a more general reassessment of the achievement of Naturalist drama.' MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW 'Through careful and nuanced analyses, the author offers convincing readings that uncover Schlaf's desire to link his characters' words, deeds, and fates to the dynamic discussions about feminism, socialism, and homosexual emancipation taking place in Wilhelmine Germany.' MONATSHEFTE

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