African Issues

African Issues is a ground-breaking series that has opened up debate on many of the critical issues facing the continent. We are looking for the following:

  • Short books that explore responses to the crisis in African development
  • Brisk books which push forward important debates
  • Engaged books which express strong opinions
  • Informed books which use local reality to enlighten continent-wide issues
  • Demanding books by leading social scientists which focus on complex political emergencies and social issues as they happen
  • Contentious books to get students arguing
  • Books of academic rigour which are relevant to African and international policy makers and development practitioners
  • Books which tackle the pressing issues, such as:
    • famine, refugees and other ‘disasters’
    • social and political causes of environmental problems
    • land and water issues
    • the benefits of informal economies
    • the pressures on urban and rural environments
    • the role of NGOs and international organizations
    • the social consequences of armed conflict
    • the processes of local politics and 'civil society'
    • gender debates
    • the impact of globalization

Proposals may be sent directly to:

Jaqueline Mitchell
Commissioning Editor
James Currey

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