Anglo-Italian Cultural Relations in the Later Middle Ages

February 2018
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York Medieval Press
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Anglo-Italian Cultural Relations in the Later Middle Ages

Edited by Michele Campopiano, Helen Fulton

Essays demonstrating the importance and inflence of Italian culture on medieval Britain.
Between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, the rise of international trade, the growth of towns and cities, and the politics of diplomacy all helped to foster productive and far-reaching connections and cultural interactions between Britain and Italy; equally, the flourishing of Italian humanism from the late fourteenth century onwards had a major impact on intellectual life in Britain.

The aim of this book is to illustrate the continuity and the variety of these exchanges during the period. Each chapter focuses on a specific area (book collection, historiography, banking, commerce, literary production), highlighting the significance of the productive interchange of people and ideas across diverse cultural communities; it is the lived experience of individuals, substantiated by written evidence, that shapes the book's collective understanding of how two European cultures interacted with each other so fruitfully.

Michele Campopiano is Senior Lecturer in Medieval Latin Literature at the University of York; Helen Fulton is Professor of Medieval Literature at the University of Bristol.

Contributors: Helen Bradley, Margaret Bridges, Michele Campopiano, Carolyn Collette, Victoria Flood, Helen Fulton, Bart Lambert, Ignazio del Punta

Table of Contents

Introduction: Historical and Literary Connections between Britain and Italyin the Middle Ages - Michele Campopiano
Writing, Translating and Imagining Italy in the Polychronicon - Margaret Bridges
Richard de Bury, Petrarch and Avignon - Carolyn P Collette
Roman Law in the North: York and Italian Juridical and Political Thinkers, c. 1380-1414 - Michele Campopiano
Italian Firms in Late Medieval England and their Bankruptcy: Re-reading an Old History of Financial Crisis - Ignazio Del Punta
'Nostri Fratelli da Londra': The Lucchese Community in Late Medieval England - Bart Lambert
'Saluti da Londra': Italian Merchants in the City of London in the Late Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries - Helen Bradley
Political Joachism and the English Franciscans: The Rumour of Richard II's Return - Victoria Flood
Urban History in Medieval and Early Modern Britain: The Influence of Classical and Italian Models - Helen Fulton
Afterword: The Nature of Anglo-Italian Cultural Exchanges - Helen Fulton

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