'Our awin Scottis use'

July 2000
376 pages
23.2x15.6 cm
Music of Scotland
ISBN: 9780852616949
Format: Paperback
Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen

'Our awin Scottis use'

Music in the Scottish Church up to 1603

Isobel Woods Preece

Edited by Sally Harper

Edited from unpublished material after the author's death, this book is of great importance to anyone with an interest in Scotland's musical history.
This collection of studies presents unpublished material from the book Isobel Woods Preece was planning at the time of her death. It contains articles published by her and extracts from her dissertation on the Carvor Choirbook. There are also newly written chapters on medieval chant and polyphony by Warwick Edwards and on the music of the Reformed Church by Gordon Munro. Both scholarly and accessible, this work will be of importance to all with an interest in Scotland's Christian musical heritage.

ISOBEL WOODS PREECE (1956-1997) was a major pioneer within Scottish music research. A graduate of the University of Glasgow, she subsequently become a Rotary International Graduate Fellow at Princeton University, where she wrote her doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Margaret Bent. She held the posts of lecturer, and later senior lecturer, in the Music Department at the University of Newcastle, where she was greatly respected as a scholar, teacher, administrator, conductor and performer.


Publication is handsome. Isobel's infectious energies and expertise in music both practical and academic endeared her to all, and there can be no mistaking the genuine sincerity and commitment informing this volume of tribute and memorial. EARLY MUSIC

Handsome presentation. If we have indeed been denied the definitive book that Dr Preece would have written so elegantly and authoritatively, in the present text we have been given a very fine and important substitute. MUSIC & LETTERS

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