Records of the Borough of Crossgate, Durham, 1312-1531

September 2008
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478 pages
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Publications of the Surtees Society
ISBN: 9780854440672
Format: Hardback
Surtees Society

Records of the Borough of Crossgate, Durham, 1312-1531

Edited by Richard Britnell

All the available court records for an important part of medieval Durham, presented with notes and apparatus.
The borough of Crossgate formed a large section of the medieval city of Durham. It corresponded to the chapelry, later the parish, of St Margaret, and was subject to the lordship of Durham Priory, in whose archives these documents have survived, dating chiefly from the 1390s and to the years 1498-1531. The records offer a sharp focus on the local administration of justice, as well as containing graphic detail concerning other aspects of urban society in the late middle ages.

They are printed here with a detailed rental of the borough from the year 1500, which allows individual properties to be located and mapped, while the apparatus is designed both to illuminate the record and to serve as an introduction to historians needing to consult other urban records.

Table of Contents

Court Rolls, 1312-1400
Court Books, 1498-1531
Fragment of a paper court roll
Additional Documents
The sacrist's rental of 1500
Glossary of English words


There can be no doubt that this is a definitive work, produced to the highest possible standards and providing a source of exceptional intrinsic interest. NORTHERN HISTORY

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