Dictionary of British Arms: Medieval Ordinary Volume IV

August 2014
702 pages
24.3x16.6 cm
ISBN: 9780854312979
Format: Hardback
Society of Antiquaries of London

Dictionary of British Arms: Medieval Ordinary Volume IV

Edited by Thomas Woodcock, Sarah Flower

This volume completes the major project of creating a reliable means of identifying British medieval coats of arms, which began in 1940; it will be of interest not only to heralds, but also to aid historians, archaeologists, genealogists, and antiquaries.
This book completes the Dictionary of British Medieval Arms, a major work which is designed to enable those with a working knowledge of heraldry to identify medieval British coats of arms.
The Dictionary is the result of a bequest to the Society of Antiquaries in 1926 for the production of a new edition of Papworth's Ordinary which has remained, since its publication in 1874, the principal tool for the identification of British coats of arms. An Ordinary, in this context, is a collection of arms arranged alphabetically according to their designs, as opposed to an armory which is arranged alphabetically by surname. The indices of the four volumes act as an armory.
The Dictionary covers the period before the beginning of the heraldic visitations in 1530. Its publication will mean that the wide range of people interested in medieval arms - historians, antiquaries, archaeologists, genealogist and those dealing in and collecting medieval objects - will be able to identify accurately the arms that occur in a medieval context. Even those without a knowledge of the subject will be able, by means of the index, to discover the blazon of arms recorded under particular surnames in the Middle Ages.


This dictionary will probably never be superseded, and must be essential to libraries with serious interests in medieval British history. REFERENCE REVIEWS

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