Addresses Against Incorporating Union, 1706-1707

February 2018
355 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Scottish History Society 6th Series
ISBN: 9780906245439
Format: Hardback
Scottish History Society
BISAC HIS037050, HIS015000, HIS037040

Addresses Against Incorporating Union, 1706-1707

Edited by Karin Bowie

Edition of documents protesting against the Scottish and English Union.
In 1706-1707, a proposed union of the Scottish and English kingdoms excited vigorous debate. Dozens of Scottish burghs, shires and parishes sent petitions to the Scottish parliament, known as addresses, to protest against the treaty of union. The addresses reveal local opinions and feelings, as expressed through a sophisticated petitioning campaign. They show how Presbyterians and Jacobites joined in an oppositional coalition, which disagreed on most matters of church and state, but agreed to oppose the union. Thousands of male tenant farmers, artisans and servants subscribed with their own hands, or via notaries and church elders. Campaigners argued that these opinions mattered and that parliament should listen to the "mind of the nation". Though ultimately unsuccessful, the campaign had a strong impact on the shape of the union.
This volume provides a transcript of each local voice from the original handwritten documents, explaining the circumstances in relation to the voting patterns of members of the Scottish Parliament. An introduction sets the addresses in their historical context.

Karin Bowie is a historian of Scotland, specialising in the study of early modern public opinion. She lectures in Scottish history at the University of Glasgow.

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